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What makes virtual meeting rooms on Glowbl so popular?

Interactions close to real life for more efficiency

The tool to connect your dispersed teams

Foster their sense of belonging with the company by offering them their own virtual meeting rooms. At the office, teleworking or with a client, they can take an active part in a meeting or a group workshop with no difficulty.

The service to boost live collaboration

Give your teams the opportunity to tackle subjects, discuss topics and make decisions effectively. It will lead to less emails and more efficiency. Add this solution to your intranet or toolbox.

The solution to communicate with your clients

Advisors, sales persons, lawyers, consultants… Go and create a virtual space for each project, client or collaborator and invite your final clients in a click, without moving from your desk. Be as productive as in a physical meeting.

Useful features for quality meetings

Go for real collaboration between participants

Talk and discuss all together

Turn on up to 10 webcams and microphones to video chat and be seen and heard by everyone. Send text chats to react to contents that are viewed in real time, or use private video conferencing with you neighbors.

Interact with the contents

Upload documents, share videos, files or screens and create collaborative playlists. Everyone can switch slides, replace a content to bring an idea, use the mouse pointer on key elements…

Connect in a click

Join your virtual meeting room by a simple click on the URL to get together with your colleagues, clients and external partners. Invite people on the fly without losing any time. They will also connect in a click!

Brand your virtual rooms

Apply fully your corporate identity by integrating your logo and background image and choosing the format of the URLs according to your team workers, projects or clients… We adapt to your company!

Persistent, secure rooms

Have private LiveStages where communications are encrypted. Only the guests with permissions car join them and you can edit the guest list at any time. Rooms are persistent and you will be able to reach easily the library with your files.

Our plans to create virtual spaces

Offer meeting rooms to all your collaborators

Unlimited subscription
with no commitment
  • €4.90 (excl. tax.) / creator of rooms – Monthly billing
    (volume discounts)
  • Unlimited number of creators of rooms, rooms and participants


  • Creation of persistent rooms in a click
  • No time limit, unlimited use cases and contents
  • Customized design and URLs
  • Free access for all guests
For spontaneous gatherings
in small groups
  • Free
  • For 1 room and up to 4 participants


  • Creation of one persistent room
  • No time limit, unlimited use cases and contents
  • Customized design and URL
  • Free access for all guests
 + Features for all participants
  • Webcam and microphone
  • Private and public chat
  • Sharing contents (documents, screens, videos…)
  • Virtual identity card and integration with social networks
  • Internal and external invitations

Tools to collaborate better

Upload all your contents and scroll,
Use mouse pointer,
Create playlists of contents…

Easy integration

Integration Glowbl with your tools is possible: SSO, CRM,
corporate address book, business software, web services, corporate social networks…

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