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  • Offer Discovery

    Perfect to give it a try


    Get started

    • 1 virtual test room
    • Public access
    • Glowbl graphic design
    • Up to 4 participants


    Standard features

  • Offer Enterprise

    Manage your teams

    119 € /year /licence 

    Minimum purchase of 5 licences

    Integration fees not included

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    Pro Offer


    • Manage your organisation and users
    • Possible integration to your tools SSO…
    • Possible subdomain and dedicated infrastructure
    • Possible options customisation
    • Priority support

Standard features

Whatever your offer is, you always get them

Easy and direct access for your guests

Just share the invitation link to your guests. There is no software or plugin to install.

Preloading content

Before the class, you can join the room and prepare useful content on the table.

Collaborative notes

Participants can co-create documents, download them… Perfect for brainstorming and work together.

Webcam / microphone

Participants can be seen and heard by all the participants

Public chat

Sending a live message to all the participants is available to react, ask a questions or share an external link.

Live user attention

When a bubble turns grey, it means that the participant is not focused on the page.

Sharing and interacting with documents and videos

You can project any kind of files (PDF, Word, images…), YouTube videos, your screen… You can go from on slide to another, stop the player or point your mouse on content.

List of participants

You can see in real time people getting online and beind added to the list of connected participants.

Personal content library

Thanks to your personal Glowbl account, you still have access to the content you uploaded previously.

Virtual business card

Clicking on somebody’s bubble gives access to their profile, information and social networks.

Support, training and help

As a Glowbl user and customer, resources are available for you

By choosing, you also choose to benefit from a large amount of resources to help you use the solution. According to your offer, you will get documents, videos and online help.

  • User guide

    When subscribing to Glowbl, you will receive the necessary documentation


    Download guide

  • Online help

    Do you have a technical question? A problem? Follow the steps to solve it.


    See online help


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