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Capgemini has decided to use Glowbl to reproduce real-life experience. Discover the customer story video and how they adopted the tool, how important Glowbl is for their teaching programmes and how Glowbl and Microsoft Teams can go along together.

“Glowbl has become  a must-have at Capgemini.”

Bertrand Cauwet

Head of Design & Build - Learning & Development Center France


Other feedbacks and stories


    As a specialist in supporting cultural and managerial change in organisations, Co’efficience3 stands out through innovative actions and experiences. The consulting firm has chosen Glowbl for remote training and collective intelligence workshops.


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    “In Glowbl virtual classrooms, you feel really immersed in an environnement that reflects the codes of a real-life training room.

    Benjamin Pagliai, Cofounder – Co’efficience3


    The training centre BrainPerception uses Glowbl for dynamic virtual classrooms. Their choice was induced by the desire to offer teaching inovation, grab business opportunities and get a secure service in terms of clients’ data privacy.


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    “Thanks to Glowbl, , I am in an agile position. I can participate cooperatively and in a smooth and automatic manner. It is totally in line with collaborative working methods.”

    Valentine Viard, Founder and President – BrainPerception


    As an independent trainer for Paris Ile-de-France Organisation of Chartered Accountants (ASFOREF) and and ESCG Accounting and Management School, Virginie Kimpe easily adopted Glowbl to go digital with her training sessions.


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    “Glowbl is a wonderful tool, you feel as though you can be with people without being physically present.”

    Virginie Kimpe – External auditor and independent trainer


    Isika is a training center specialising in IT retraining and design training programmes through practical work in groups. Thanks to Glowbl, trainees can work together, just like in a traditional classroom.


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    “When we met the Glowbl team, it was the physical, interactive aspect that won us over. And it’s definitely proved its worth! “

    F., Project manager – Isika