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Why choosing Glowbl for your online conference rooms?

To engage the audience fully and get interactions

To address all your teams

Gather just one time employees, clients or members of a community. Let the CEO make an announcement occasionally or regularly to all, like if they were sitting in front of you.

To demonstrate an expertise

Organize in no time a webinar or a conference. To deliver an engaging presentation, make the hosts interact with the participants by passing the virtual microphone.

To create a digital buzz

Stand out and enjoy the power of Glowbl to organize a fun and dynamic online event. Convey strong messages in an innovative way through a Web TV or an original digital event.

Events so close to real life

Let participants move, take part and interact

Our offers to have virtual spaces

Create your personalized event venues

1 Private conference room
open to a guest list only
  • Creator of room billed €1 (excl. tax.) / invited guest
  • Unlimited number of participants


  • Billing once only at highest monthly peak
  • Persistent room
  • Customized design and URL
  • Free access for all invited guests

____________     Or     ____________

1 Public conference room
open to everyone
  • 100% Free
  • Unlimited number of particpants


  • Persistent room
  • Customized design and URL
  • Free access for all participants

 + Features
  • Specific rights and permissions for users
  • Webcam and microphone for Speakers
  • Chat and request to speak for the audience
  • Sharing contents (webcams, documents, screens, videos…)
  • Virtual identity card and integration with social networks
  • Internal and external invitations

Tools for interactions

Allow participants to speak or change contents,
Choose your seat,
Whisper to you neighbor’s ear…

Let’s go further to meet your needs

Integrating Glowbl with your tools,
setting up an interactive and recorded livestream, helping you with the organization

Contact us

To talk about the best solution for you

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