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What is Glowbl?

On the same content for a live experience

Invite anywhere

Share the LiveStage address anywhere and Get Together!

Use your social networks and invite all your contacts directly on your walls and feeds. Or just invite individually by email, or a list in one shot, for a private conversation. Anyone who is invited has an account ready to use in a click to Get Together faster than anywhere.


Chat, react

Get Together and interact together!

Have private or public conversations on your LiveStage and share your interactions on Twitter. Synchronize your account with your social networks to react and invite more people! Once your webcam and microphone are turned on, let the video chat begin!


Share your documents

Get Together to upload your documents!

Create your LiveStage and make presentations! Point your mouse to explain your point of view and comment live to your audience. Import contents easily from Dropbox and display with SlideShare or Doc Reader.

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Listen to music

Get Together for a shared music experience!

Create a LiveStage and listen to music all day long with friends on SoundCloud or Deezer. Go and exchange your best tracks to create collaborative playlists while listening.

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Watch videos

Get Together to watch and share your videos!

Go and share synchronized video contents for a friendly moment. Organize your best videos from YouTube or Vimeo with no limits! Use tools to have your best parts prepared beforehand!

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View your photo albums

Get Together and share your photos!

Watch together the last photo album you downloaded on Dropbox. Would you rather share your best pictures from Facebook, Instagram or Google+? Just select the application and choose the album!

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Do your pre-shopping

Get Together and share your shopping ideas!

Create your LiveStage to compare items, make comments and do your selection. Share your screen or photos without wasting time!


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