Driving Team Engagement


Glowbl is the first collaborative platform for hybrid work where human is at the center of the solution. The result is unprecedented team engagement, processes simplification and greater retention.

Our story

In 2011, the founders were looking for a way to interact with their peers while being scattered around the world. At the time, video solutions left little room for human interaction and conviviality. Glowbl was created as a platform offering fluidity thanks to virtual spaces in which everyone can move and join different groups to share, collaborate and learn.

Since 2019, Glowbl has been instrumental in the digital transformation acceleration creating a fluid environment between physical and on-line worlds.
Today companies, managers, learning leaders and universities are using Glowbl as their preferred collaborative platform offering unprecedented team engagement in an user-friendly and easy to deploy environment.
Learning leaders benefit from a simplified rollout of their program, saving process time. Learners can up their skills faster in an engaging environment improving overall company performances.

In 2021, Glowbl launched the first collaborative platform for hybrid work keeping collaboration and human interactions at the center of the solution.


Creation of Glowbl


Launch of wide audience webinar


Launch of immersive virtual class


Glowbl joins the EdTech network


First collaborative platform for hybrid work

Our Management



Sophie Lazard


Benjamin Martin

Benjamin Martin


Côme de Sereys


Frédérique Neuschwander

Frédérique Neuschwander


Enora Decalf

Enora Decalf


Board of Directors

Olivier Soula


Gérard Soula

CEO, Adocia

Antony Passemard

General Manager, Amazon Nimble Studio

Didier Miraton


Frédéric Lasnier

Fondateur et Directeur Général, Pentalog