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Finally, a solution to bring you out of the confines of video meetings and channels.

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The solution for a group-work management approach

Get your teams together, and federate


Glowbl enables event distributed teams to work on shared projects at the same time.

Enjoy a secure workplace you can join at any time with no scheduled meetings or emails, with all your usual tools at hand.


Glowbl gathers people onto a same space to collaborate efficiently synchronously and asynchronously

  • Get out of the video box to get a true, human experience

  • Bring fun for a unique experience thanks to visual ergonomics

  • Have all your services at hand, gathered on smart tables


Ensuring the success of the project by leading your team

Unique and dedicated places Open/close the content

The persistent spaces let bring together several working groups to focus on the same project with a shared goal. Bring back live interactions with spontaneity at the service of collective intelligence.

Smart tables Open/close the content

You get multi-content tables for organising teamwork without changing space, even remotely. Time, information and efficiency saving.

Library and history Open/close the content

You can conserve and monitor resources throughout the project on the libraries on each table. By making process easier and getting rid of scheduling overload, team members can focus on creativity and meeting

Bringing teams together around a common project

Permanent and customisable spaces Open/close the content

By creating a visual identity of the persistent space, you can alway see and keep in touch with the rest of the team to foster company spirit.

The permanent vision of the group Open/close the content

Getting together creates a motivating work environment and prevents employee isolation.

Oral and informal discussions Open/close the content

It is very easy to have private conversations and oral discussions. This availabilty at the service of spontaneity is one of the keys to integrated junior teams successfully.

use cases

Some examples of possible set-ups

  • Project management spaces

    Designed for working in small groups, they are open at all times for all group members to store or collect information.

  • An office or coworking spaces

    Collaborators work alone or with others on different tables. They go from one to another when it is necessary.

  • A common break room

    Open to everyone to get together to talk, with the possibility of sharing content, videos, playlists, watching a live performance, or even playing.

why choosing GLOWBL?

You can trust us

  • Integrations

    Your Glowbl Workplace can integrate into your tools and cal also integrate your working applications into the smart tables.

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  • SaaS solution

    There is no software to install and you can even integrate Glowbl into your own tools

  • Security

    Your data is encrypted and stored in a separate secure database, in compliance with GDPR

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