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Give back a place to work to your teams, wherever they are.

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Imagine a digital space that is an extension of your physical workplace. Like the real workplace, it has its own private and completely secure address where you can log on remotely, at any time, to be together even at a distance.

Enjoy the company life again

Tools available so far to help you work from home, or meet up, work together and learn remotely compartmentalise.

Spontaneous get-togethers and the pleasure of conversation outside the confines of a project or planned meeting, or outside the work context, are impossible. Informal get-togethers that facilitate management and stimulate creativity are also impossible.

At the opposite, the digital twin is a place to meet up, have conversations, work alone or with others, using the best tools available to learn, transfer knowledge, and cooperate remotely.

Glowbl is the perfect solution to create the digital twin of your university, school or company.



Be spontaneous again and get together with your collaborators

You digital twin

Glowbl has put the human aspect at the heart of its project with a toolbox to share, produce and cooperate remotely

A space like you

Your digital twin has an adress, is totally secure and can be customised with your company colours and according to your different spaces.

Just like your office space, it is accessible and open to authorised persons at any time and with one simple click

It is made up of as many different spaces as you need or wish.

Access to and rights within these spaces differ according to their function: visitor, colleague, etc.

Identify each person

The number of simultaneous visitors can reach up to 200 participants in each space.

Each person is a bubble and moves around freely within the space and around the tables to which they have access.

Bringing your bubble close to a table make it useable. When another colleague arrives at the same table, the others can see them, talk to them, and work together.

Thanks to their avatar and digital business card, it is very easy to see somebody we already know, meet new people and network.


Tables for co-creation

Tables are enriched with content and a library of shared or co-created documents: spreadsheet, word processing, pdf, video, etc.

Brainstorming is easy thanks to the white board and the collaborative notes.

Glowbl also integrated Google documents and slide. As long as you have access to the content via Google Drive, you can work together and edit it.

use cases

Some examples of possible set-ups

An office or coworking space

Collaborators work alone or with others on different tables. They go from one to another when it is necessary.

Project management spaces

Designed for working in small groups, they are open at all times for all group members to store or collect information.

Seminar spaces

For your corporate seminars or training sessions, with two possible formats – lecture or worskops.

Forums and showrooms

Designed as a space to meet visitors who can move around freely.

A common break room

Open to everyone to get together to talk, with the possibility of sharing content, videos, playlists, watching a live performance, or even playing.

why choosing GLOWBL?

You can trust us

  • All-in-one solution

    You can upgrade your twin to suit your uses and the changing needs of your company or ecosystem

  • SaaS solution

    There is no software to install and you can even integrate Glowbl into your own tools

  • European solution

    Your data is encrypted and stored in a separate secure database, in compliance with GDPR


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  • Offer Discovery

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    • 1 virtual test room
    • Public access
    • Glowbl graphic design
    • 3 working tables
    • Everybody can speak and handle content
    • Up to 4 participants


    Standard features

  • Offer Start up

    To help you grow


    Learn more

    • Join our beta testers community
    • We set up your digital twin
    • Possible SSO integration (not included)

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