Anticipate and convert: Thiagi’s improvised game show

Are you about to embark on a tricky sales negotiation? Don’t panic, Glowbl offers you an approach to prepare you for it using Improvised Saynets, Thiagi’s games. This simulation method aims to prepare you for a negotiation by drawing up a list of objections and best practices.


Start with a group of at least 3 people, and allow between 20 and 50 minutes.

The stages :

  1. Context: Preparation is essential. Take the time to imagine all the potential points of objection and discussion, as well as the answers you might come up with. Also anticipate the postures you might adopt and those of your interviewer.
  2. The game: Form groups of 3 people, each with a specific role: 
  • The customer: the one who asks questions, formulates objections and expresses expectations.
  • The supplier: answering questions, overcoming objections and proposing solutions.
  • The observer: the person who carefully observes the dynamics of the negotiation and takes notes on areas for improvement.

Play the negotiation simulation 3 times. After each round, participants should discuss the observations and changes they noticed, as well as the strategies they adopted.

3. Capitalising: At the end of the session, ask each participant to individually create a checklist. This should include good practices and effective postures, as well as relevant responses and winning strategies.

4. Share: Once the checklists are ready, encourage participants to exchange them and share their comments and impressions. This step encourages feedback and allows everyone to learn from each other.

5. Closing: End the session by inviting participants to incorporate the most relevant elements of the checklist into their future practice. This can be done through concrete actions to be implemented during future negotiations.

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The benefits of this method :

Thiagi’s Improvised Acting games offer a number of advantages:

  • It enables you to anticipate different scenarios and factors before a difficult conversation, which helps you to be better prepared mentally and emotionally.
  • It provides an opportunity to test and perfect negotiation skills in a controlled and caring environment.
  • It encourages learning from experience and reflection on one’s own practices and those of other participants.

By adopting this method, you will give yourself the means to better apprehend the challenges of commercial negotiations, and to transform them into opportunities for success.

Glowbl, the ideal platform:

The platform Glowbl offers the perfect environment for this method thanks to its interactive and user-friendly tools.

  1. Real-time interaction: the very essence of Improvised Saynètes lies in the direct interaction between participants, simulating real negotiation situations. Glowbl offers a platform where users can connect in real time, communicate via chat, and even use annotation tools to share ideas and strategies live.
  2. Create virtual spaces: Glowbl makes it easy to create virtual spaces dedicated to Improvised Saynètes. These spaces can be configured according to the specific needs of each group of participants, allowing you to customise the experience as much as possible. Sub-groups can meet in separate virtual rooms to conduct their negotiation simulations, while remaining connected within the same platform.
  3. Easy tracking and analysis: After each Improvised Speech session, Glowbl offers advanced tracking and analysis features. Session recordings can be consulted at a later date for detailed feedback and ongoing learning. In addition, participants can use the built-in note-taking tools to document their personal observations and reflections, facilitating critical thinking and skills development.

Glowbl therefore provides the ideal environment for practising the Thiagi Games Improvised Skit. By combining the benefits of the platform with the principles of the simulation method, participants can benefit from an immersive experience to prepare for the challenges of business negotiations with confidence and self-assurance.

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