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Creating sub-groups

By moving your bubble, you join a sub-table assigned to your group, forming collaborative workshops without leaving the classroom!

Each sub-group is independent and all participants communicate, work together and co-create content which they can then share with the whole class.

The teacher can move from one table to another to help or give instructions. They can also make an announcement to all participants at once, sending a message or asking them to come back to the central table.

Preparing and storing your teaching material

Your classroom is permanent and lasting. So, you can import all the content you will need in advance – documents, presentations, YouTube videos, surveys, pictures, white board – and it stays saved in your library and available each time you log in to one of your classrooms. No need to keep sharing your screen!

Each sub-group table can also be prepared ahead with a special name, a description including any instructions, for example, and a directory of ready-to-use resources.

Using teaching tools

It is vital for a teacher to be able to create spontaneous interaction. To achieve this, you can switch from a theory-based presentation to a video illustrating your ideas or to a roleplay between participants via webcam. Students can put their hand up to “go to the whiteboard”, and can share their ideas via chat and emoticons.

You can also sound them out by asking binary or multiple-choice questions or turn the session into a game by asking them to move their bubbles according to a pre-defined scenario.

Do you have your surveys prepared in your library?

Monitoring attendance and attention

Through their bubble, each participant plays a full role, remaining visible and recognisable through their avatar, camera and name.

The teacher has an immediate overview of the whole group, even when they are presenting their teaching material or showing videos. A system of bubbles that grey out and other signals show if everyone is fully attentive and concentrating on the class.

All participants have a virtual identity card, so they can get to know each other and network.


Glowbl offers a simple, secure and customised tool

  • Direct access

    No need to install software or plugins: easy access via a link you control (giving access to everyone or to a list of given emails)

  • White label

    Glowbl enables you to customise your classroom or even to integrate to your own training tools (LMS, etc.) to ensure smooth transition for your students

  • Securite-et-confidentialite-des-donnees


    Glowbl is committed to providing a solution that respects participants’ data privacy rights and complies with GDPR


Offering a class experience that is as natural as a real-life classroom

The specially designed classroom is set out like a real one

Content is kept in a library and can be shared by the teacher on tables in real time. A whiteboard is ready to be used.

With an overview, like in a real-life classroom

All participants can see each other in bubbles showing their face. With a simple swipe over the bubble, they access information to identify and get to know each other.

Participation and free movement just like in a real-life classroom

In a group class, simply put your hand up and wait for the teacher to call on you to speak. Change places when you want, get up if you feel like it, have a private conversation with another participant – everything is possible! The teacher can move from one participant to another and create sub-groups.

Effective group dynamics

The teacher has a complete overview of the class – reactions can be seen at a glance, bubbles grey out when participants leave the classroom – so they can encourage participation and play on dynamics.


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