Virtual classrooms and team seminars


Glowbl is the outsider offering video calls with a difference

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Gather participants, make them move as active players


Lead engaging sessions


Enjoy unique and fun ergonomics to break free from rigidity. Each participant is represented by a living bubble.

Spaces consist of smart tables that gather services and tools. Each table is independent, separated by a sound wall. To join a table, participants drag and drop their bubble and the content on the table becomes available to see and edit.


Without being intrusive, inciting every participants to become an active player

Free movement of bubbles Open/close the content

The simple and playful user interface mirrors real-life experience. As you feel free, you have a good time and want to share it.

Visible group engagement Open/close the content

The facilitator has a constant visibility on the group of bubbles and on each participant in their individual bubble. When a bubble turns grey, that’s the engagement indicator that provides a glimpse in real time of the group dynamics.

Customisation of space graphics Open/close the content

With a warm place and a unique atmosphere, participants feel engaged, which boosts their feeling of belonging.

Generate collective intelligence within the group

Sub-groups in the same space Open/close the content

Glowbl offers the freedom to move around the space and thus the possibility of alternating smoothly between periods of work in groups and sub-groups , creating side conversations and developing skills.

Expression of emotions Open/close the content

The direct expression of emotions and reactions are immediately visible by everyone.

Collaborative tools and content Open/close the content

You have access to a multitude of business and teaching content: documents, YouTube videos, pictures… Other collaborative and co-creation tools are integrated such as the white board, collaboratives notes, document annotation, polls, Miro, Google files…

Helping hosts meet their session goals

Effective teaching strategy Open/close the content

Thanks to the tables located all around the Glowbl space, sub-groups take place in the same area and user rights can be customised on each table. Teaching scenarios such as World Cafés, mind-mapping and journeys can easily be organised.

Content at hand Open/close the content

Tools and content are uploaded onto the space and can be used without leaving the page. It is handy to switch from one the another. This way, you can easily lead your session, propose dynamic facilitation with no technical brake.

Lasting spaces Open/close the content

Once they are created, spaces are persistent and documents are always available from one session to the next. They are stored in a library and let you stage adapted scenarios.


Glowbl offers a simple, secure and customised tool

  • Direct access

    No need to install software or plugins: easy access via a link you control (giving access to everyone or to a list of given emails)

  • Integrations

    Glowbl can be integrated into your tools: LMSs, collaborative platforms… Working tools can also be integrated into Glowbl tables to reach them without moving to another tab.

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  • Securite-et-confidentialite-des-donnees


    Glowbl is committed to providing a solution that respects participants’ data privacy rights and complies with GDPR


Thanks to Glowbl, meet some essential criteria to get the French certification. Our solution even goes further and bring a strong added value during the audit.

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