Glowbl launches its virtual office solution to help you escape the confines of video conferences and channels

Glowbl, the French company specialising in virtual classrooms, is launching its Virtual Office to address the difficulties of hybrid work. The digital solution provides a way of extending physical office space and escaping the confines of channels, planned meetings and email overload. The customisable and fully secure spaces are open to everyone, at all times and with no time limits, boosting smooth and spontaneous interaction and creating valuable ties. Free movement ensures colleagues can move around the space as they would around the office. Its tool package, which includes Google Drive,, and Trello, enhance collaborative work. The virtual experience will become as natural as face-to-face encounters.

Home working: the key challenge for companies in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies to change their work methods and switch to home working, at least on a partial basis. This model requires particular methods and resources to avoid going off course and losing the capacity for collective work. But it is worth its while because, according to Institut Sapiens, employee productivity increased by 22% in 2020, a year greatly affected by the pandemic and periods of lockdown, which made working from home a necessity. The study also reported a fall-out and warned of a 20% drop if home working is not managed better over the long term. To achieve this, companies need a space that enables all their employees to get together, whether they are working from home, on client secondment, or at the physical office. It is with this collective work experience in mind that Glowbl is launching the Virtual Office: a totally French solution to help businesses recover an optimum working experience.

The Virtual Office: a company’s digital twin

Management must reinvent business by reshaping its approach to collective work and by moving away from physical spaces: how to manage teams without constant visual contact? How to preserve the collective intelligence that results from spontaneity and informal interaction? How to integrate new arrivals?

Glowbl provides an all-inclusive solution for businesses: a virtual space that is the extension of a physical office, with the necessary work tools and an asynchronous or simultaneous connection to maintain ties. 

The platform’s customisation feature enables the company to recreate an environment with its own colours and work setting. The only limit is imagination! Work spaces are adapted according to needs, projects, and employee rights in each of these spaces. Anything is possible: offices, project management spaces, seminars, showrooms, break rooms, etc.

Colleagues can work together on all types of documents in these spaces: pdf, video, screen sharing, Google Drive, or specific project management tools. Just one click provides access to Glowbl spaces, which can be integrated in the company’s tools extremely easily. 

The completely secure platform also provides a unique URL, which enables colleagues to get together easily in complete confidentiality thanks to encrypted data that is exchanged and stored in France.

Five work spaces for every business need:

  • Office and coworking space: With different entry rights for each colleague. Work tables are enriched and users can add their own tools through APIs, providing more comfortable working conditions. Documents shared in this space are also protected by access rights, to ensure projects remain confidential.
  • Project management space: Designed for small work groups, this space has a library housing all the documents used in previous work sessions. These documents can be accessed at all times, to enable all users to add or collect content when they wish.
  • Seminars: Spaces designed for training purposes, which can adjusted for workshop or lecture-style sessions. The training officer in charge of the space can add content they have pre-selected, set up work sub-groups to use games for training purposes, and organise company events.
  • Forum and showroom: A space in which to welcome visitors, where you can add content you wish to show people from outside the company. Prior to the visit, the company can decide which spaces the visitors will be able to enter, or even prepare a guided tour, made possible by the Virtual Office’s free movement feature.
  • Break room: Open to all colleagues as a space in which they can get together, chat, share content, or play. The room is arranged as a space in which to escape and relax for a few minutes.

And a freemium solution for companies that are under two years old, from €5 per employee per month.

With the Virtual Office, companies have access to all the functions they need for a working experience that reflects reality as much as possible. As a bonus, all spaces can be created freely, according to the company’s needs and ongoing projects, and users have access to the most popular tools such as Google Drive, Trello, Miro and

About Glowl
Created in 2011, Glowbl is a French company specialising in remote working solutions. Virtual open spaces, remote training, project management, group work, seminars, etc. The company offers a digital solution to view a group of people, and mirrors real-life situations to simulate and encourage human interaction. Through a system of virtual tables, users can cooperate, produce collaboratively and discuss ideas, no matter where they are located. Its unique patented features are designed to reproduce virtually the familiarity and routines of real life. Based in Lyon, the company now has 20 employees and achieved seven-fold growth in revenue in 2020. Glowbl brings people together virtually for real-life interaction.

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