How to bring a virtual ceremony to life? A case study of Les Cas d’OR du Digital

Les Cas d’OR du Digital aims to offer events that promote success stories from the communications, advertising, marketing, e-commerce and digital sectors. These events, whether networking functions or award ceremonies, have had to be reworked and adapted to the virtual sphere during the pandemic. Pascal Gayat gives us his feedback.

A networking concept reinvented

As the head of Les Cas d’OR du Digital, Pascal Gayat organises events that bring people together and recognises the companies that have done well in the BtoB digital marketing sector. Organising 23 events a year, Pascal was keen to carry on offering this type of get-together to enable the sector’s players to form ties, even during the pandemic.

Each event brings together some 30 guests, carefully seated to guarantee lively discussions and common interests. Going virtual tends to disrupt spontaneity in dialogue and prevent this buzz of ideas.

Pascal Gayat, creator of Les Cas d’OR du Digital

That is why Pascal Gayat chose to place his trust in Glowbl and its solution in order to meet three objectives:

  • Re-establish ties
  • Put his guests at ease to ensure unhindered dialogue
  • Create groups without changing web page

The platform’s gaming functions help make our events more interactive! ” (Pascal Gayat)

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A look back at a virtual ceremony on Glowbl

To ensure the event ran smoothly, Pascal took the time to inform participants beforehand, with an email explaining how it would work. At the start of the event, once all the guests had logged on, he reminded them of Glowbl’s user guidelines, to make sure everyone knew how the platform worked.

The virtual space was customised with a background specially designed for the occasion, using the colours and codes of the organisation’s face-to-face events. The same applied to the layout! Just like for a real-life event, small groups were arranged around Glowbl tables and participants moved around in accordance with the composition chosen by the organiser. Pascal Gayat explains that he has a large number of criteria to consider when organising the groups, because he takes into account the professional and personal interests of each participant.

During group discussions, each participant was encouraged to fill in their business card to network more easily and access each other’s LinkedIn profile with just one click. Making communicating much easier.

So, to the award ceremony… Everyone came together at the central table as slides were projected to music. Pascal Gayat led the ceremony, inviting each prize winner to make a speech.

A fun, party atmosphere reigned, to the delight of the event’s participants, who represented such companies as Sodexo, Saint-Gobain, Waisso, Talenti Software, to name but a few.

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