How to create an effective teaching scenario on Glowbl: The 6 golden rules

Have you ever wondered how to create an effective teaching scenario on Glowbl? If so, this article is for you. Get your glasses and pencils ready, because we’re going to take an in-depth look at the six golden rules for creating a successful teaching scenario on Glowbl, with the help of our virtual assistant, the déroulé.

Clearly define your learning objective

The first rule, and probably the most crucial, is to clearly define your learning objective. A well-defined objective is the cornerstone of any successful learning scenario. Without a clear objective, your learners won’t know what target to aim for, which can lead to disappointing results. Take the time to think about what you want your learners to remember and be able to do by the end of your session. Formulate this objective clearly and concisely so that everyone is on the same wavelength from the outset.

Use the Glowbl déroulé

The Glowbl déroulé is an essential tool for designing your teaching scenario. This virtual assistant guides you step by step, enabling you to structure your sessions efficiently and coherently.

What is the Glowbl déroulé?

The Glowbl déroulé is designed to plan your virtual classes with meticulous precision and great flexibility. Here are its main features:

  • Timed breakdown: You can plan every minute of your session, ensuring that all activities and transitions are well organised.
  • Pre-built steps: Glowbl offers pre-built steps that integrate broadcast content (such as videos and documents) and collaboration tools (such as notes and post-it notes), making it easy to structure your scenario.
  • Graphical customisation of tables: You can customise the appearance of virtual tables to match your corporate identity, creating a visually consistent and attractive learning environment.
  • Centralised role management: You can assign and manage the roles of each participant at each table, making it easier to coordinate and interact during the session.
  • Table preparation and duplication: Prepare different tables in advance and duplicate content to save time and ensure consistency in the activities offered.

Using the Glowbl déroulé, you can easily organise your ideas, plan your activities and ensure that each step of your scenario is aligned with your learning objective. Use it to maximise the impact of your teaching and provide a fluid, engaging learning experience for your learners.

Incorporate a variety of resources

To keep your learners interested and engaged, it’s essential to use a variety of learning resources. Glowbl offers you a multitude of tools for this purpose: collaborative notes, videos, documents, post-it notes and much more. Use this diversity to enrich your content and cater for the different learning styles of your participants. For example, videos can illustrate complex concepts, while shared documents allow for more in-depth analysis.

Be clear and precise in your instructions

Clear instructions are essential to avoid confusion and ensure that your learners know exactly what they need to do. Write your instructions simply and directly, avoiding unnecessary technical jargon. Don’t hesitate to use concrete examples to illustrate your expectations and regularly check that your learners understand what is expected of them. Clear communication is the key to a smooth, productive session.

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Plan moments of exchange and discussion

Learning is not done in isolation. Set aside time for exchanges and discussions to allow your learners to share their ideas, ask questions and reflect together. Glowbl greatly facilitates this interaction with its real-time chat, video conferencing and collaboration features. These exchanges enrich the learning experience and reinforce the understanding of the concepts discussed.

Adapt your scenario based on feedback

One of Glowbl’s great strengths is its flexibility. It is crucial to regularly gather feedback from your learners and adjust your scenario accordingly. Feedback is a gold mine to continuously improve your teaching approach. Whether to clarify a misunderstood point or to introduce new resources, adaptation is essential to meet the needs of your learners and maximize their success.

Ready to get started?

By following these six golden rules, you have everything you need to create an effective and engaging educational scenario on Glowbl. So, ready to get started?

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