Impromptu Networking for a guaranteed successful business launch

As we all know, the success of a training course or meeting depends on how it gets off the ground. How do you form a group ? How do you write on a blank page when some of the participants already know each other ? How do you break the ice when nobody knows each other ? How do you create commitment right away ? We’ve gone back to the 33 Methods of Liberating Structures, and this time we’ve chosen to put the spotlight on impromptu Networking. With this simple and effective tool, it’s impossible to crash your launch. Here’s how it works.

Impromptu and Networking set the tone for the event

Impromptu, surprise and randomness are at the heart of the method. Thanks to this, group participants are immediately placed on the same level, regardless of their status in the company.

Networking, because as well as rapidly exchanging expectations and challenges, this activity is designed to enable participants to create links when they don’t know each other, or to enrich or transform their links when they already know each other, for example by helping each other out.

Whatever the context, Impromptu Networking is always a good idea

At the start of a facilitation workshop, it helps create cohesion in the group

To open a training session, it will enable the trainer to retrieve quality information on the expectations of the group and its dynamics, as well as on the expectations of each of the participants. For the participants, it will help contextualize the training and engage them in the course.

Before starting to animate a community, it enables each participant to explain to the others how the theme being addressed concerns him or her, and what his or her expectations are.

The scenario to follow

The Impromptu Networking will be organized in several rounds, so that each participant can meet as many people as possible

Your group should therefore be divided into several small sub-groups of 2 or 3 people. 

You’ll give each sub-group the same instructions. This is essential to guarantee quality responses.

For example: 

  • Introduce yourself : What’s your next job challenge ? 
  • To launch a training course : Why did you choose this course (if it wasn’t imposed on you) ? Why is it important to you ? How and what impact could it have on your daily life ? What are your expectations ? 

Finally, you’ll explain that everyone has one minute to speak.

Once the round has been completed, two of the participants will move on to other tables, and the third will be joined by two participants from another sub-group…. And so on !

A successful launch and more !

Impromptu Networking will help you achieve multiple objectives : 

  • Trigger participation from everyone, including the shyest guests 
  • Generate commitment 
  • Create an opportunity for shared topics to deepen through repetition
  • Highlight individual contributions to solutions 
  • Trigger unprecedented, informal links and harness their power
  • In the end, a rich exchange of ideas

Further proof, if any were needed, that when it comes to creating or strengthening links, the group, the participants and the company are always winners ! At Glowbl, we’ve been convinced of this for a long time, and we support companies, trainers and facilitators in this direction. For your next workshop launch, don’t miss the opportunity to test the effectiveness of an impromptu Networking session… preferably on Glowbl, which lends itself perfectly to this, thanks in particular to the tables that enable you to create sub-groups.