Online meetings: what is the virtual agency concept?

Online meetings: what is the virtual agency concept?

In this all-digital age, when everything is moving online, the virtual agency is a response to the reorganisation or even disappearance of physical offices in the field of customer relations.

The virtual agency to simplify remote meetings

Users today are always looking for instant results, time savings and omnichannel experiences. New technologies need to respond to these expectations, and virtual agencies can offer the solution. They allow remote contact to offer the same level of support as a face-to-face meeting, making customer relations more efficient.

For example, a virtual agency means a user can take part in a meeting at the bank without having to leave home. They can talk to their advisor and view contractual documents as easily as if they were there in person. For a medical consultation, a doctor can share information with a patient with complete security or comment on a prescription. The purpose of a virtual agency is thus to reproduce as closely as possible the interactions involved in customer relations, but with even greater flexibility.

Glowbl, a major player in the world of virtual agencies

For complex exchanges, an online chat or robot is not enough. That’s why Glowbl offers a high-performance solution that adapts to the needs of companies and brands. Allianz and HSBC have put their trust in us, enabling their advisors to organise meetings remotely.

To find out more about Glowbl and remote customer relationship management, take a look at our page dedicated to virtual agencies.