Turning Virtual Classrooms into Powerful Moments: Fasterclass Testimonial

No more descending virtual classes with boring slides or passive discussions. Fasterclass, a training organization specialized in management methods, designs courses with a promise: to have an impact, that is, to transform behaviours in a sustainable way.

Recently, during an online masterclass organized on Glowbl, Raphaël Maisonnier, CEO of Fasterclass, shared his testimony on his experience with the Glowbl platform. Here is a summary of the key moments of this masterclass.

The context

Fasterclass has been growing impressively for 2 years. The reason? Have designed courses specially adapted to the rhythm and needs of managers. A succession of short-term appointments but spread over time. A combination of e-learning with short and engaging content and virtual classes to practice. This is the recipe to bring flexibility in overloaded agendas, engagement with adapted and innovative content, coaching with virtual classes designed to learn together and practice. Economically, the choice of digital solutions makes the model completely scalable and Glowbl is key in this device.

Why Glowbl?

Discover the benefits:

At first, Fasterclass struggled with tools such as Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet. However, juggling these different platforms was a nightmare for trainers and learners. To standardize the experience, Fasterclass looked for a solution, and Glowbl appeared as obvious.

At each training its integrated pedagogical course

Glowbl has developed a pedagogical scripting design tool. This allows you to prepare your animation process directly on Glowbl by planning everything you need: step by step, content and resources, animation tools, participants’ rights, the timer and even the layout of the space.

Each virtual class has its own process and therefore each facilitator has the same process. It is a guarantee of quality and homogeneity.

This process is during the animation, a virtual assistant for the facilitator. It moves from step to step in one click and all resources are distributed to participants on the different tables automatically. The facilitator is focused on his group and never again on technical topics.

At the end of the training, a synthesis space allows to recover all the necessary elements and to administer the end of the training.

So it’s efficiency at all levels: for preparation, for animation, for management and for scalability.

User-friendliness and simplicity:

Glowbl these are persistent spaces. So to each cohort of trainees their space. This way, participants know where they will be in each session. The space remains open, allowing consultation of resources and work done.

Engagement and interactivity:

Glowbl offers a unique interface with its 9 tables in the same space to organize subgroups in an ultra simple way without losing visual contact with learners. On the one hand this space allows an immersive experience by really giving the impression of being installed around a table as in real life. In addition to an educational point of view, this allows activities to be scripted as simply as if they were installed in a physical place organized in islands of tables. This is all the more true as one can switch from an experience where each table is independent to an experience where all the tables are connected together for the plenary part.

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Finally, Glowbl has a range of interactive tools, such as collaborative notes, annotation tools or real-time surveys. These features make it possible to actively involve participants, thus promoting better knowledge retention. With Glowbl, Fasterclass trainings have become dynamic and engaging experiences.

The results of the scheme

The results obtained by Fasterclass were impressive. Thanks to Glowbl, they were able to accurately measure the satisfaction, commitment and impact of their training. With a satisfaction rate (NPS) of 4.63 out of 5, measured after each session on Glowbl, and a flawless commitment of participants, Fasterclass has clearly achieved its goal on its courses.


Glowbl is an integral part of Fasterclass’s offer, and “it is even our daily tool to receive our customers” explains Raphaël Maisonnier. Our relationship has become a true partnership because Fasterclass actively participates in our road map. Glowbl knows that the value of the solution grows by meeting the needs of its users. It is a virtuous and sustainable circle!

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