Video conferencing: all the reasons to love it, to be wary of it and to love it differently with Glowbl !

At the same time as the laptop and the high-speed Internet connection, videoconferencing has experienced a meteoric rise over the last 15 years, accelerated by the Covid crisis and our urgent need to limit our travel to reduce our carbon footprint. Today, videoconferencing has become a commonplace tool for companies to communicate and collaborate remotely, and no one would dream of doing without it. Indispensable, yes… but… not always appreciated, not always effective. What are the limits of videoconferencing, and how can we overcome them ? Glowbl has been exploring this question since its inception… Summed up in 5 commandments and one recommendation

Beware of the ascending format

A French study dating back to 2020 highlighted the fact that, after a short period of videoconferencing in an ascending format, participants’ online attention significantly decreases, and with it, their engagement. Problem : most traditional videoconferencing tools impose just such formats. Conversely, the same study underlines the importance of interaction to engage participants… and that’s what Glowbl is all about !

Thou shalt promote structured and synchronous workshops

Delivering via videoconferencing, yes, but will participants retain the information ?  In 2021, European research looked into this question and proved that online learners involved in active learning through interactive teaching methods retain information better. This is what Glowbl is all about: supporting and facilitating the organization of structured synchronous workshops.

Thou shalt rise to the challenge of structured animation

Traditional videoconferencing tools have their limitations when it comes to structured animation. Their static nature complicates the active engagement of participants, and sub-group management is often inflexible, reducing opportunities for spontaneous interaction (Lebrun, 2019). On the other hand, thanks in particular to the sub-table system, sub-groups are easy to organize on Glowbl, which is one of its strengths.

Compatibility of complementary tools with videoconferencing you will enable

The tools favored by facilitators and trainers to create interactivity between participants are rarely compatible with traditional platforms. Unable to do without them, trainers are therefore forced to rise to the technical challenge, juggling from one platform to another, not to mention the multiple interruptions this causes. These are all complexities that a European study noted in 2018 (Meier, 2018). With Glowbl, as many of these tools as possible can be integrated directly on the table.

Keep a record of the session to anchor the learning process

Once the learning session is over, will learners be able to keep track of exercises, productions and shared documents, so they can come back to them, rework them, refer to them and reuse them ? Rarely made possible by videoconferencing platforms, or only to a limited extent (Bourda, 2020), Glowbl makes access to the room and the content forever possible.

Test Glowbl !

Designed for remote group facilitation, Glowbl has always focused on active engagement and easy interaction, with features that facilitate sub-group management and encourage active participation. An innovative alternative to traditional videoconferencing tools, Glowbl is a must-try solution for transforming the simple transmission of information into an immersive and effective learning and collaboration experience.

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