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Feedback: “I understood right away how virtual classes on Glowbl are a genuine pedagogical tool, different from the other traditional video conference platforms.”

Specialised in training public servants and elected officials and chartered by the French Ministry of the Interior, Proximum has been training employees in the public administration for the last 15 years. In order to stand out and offer a unique online experience to the trainees, they chose the Glowbl virtual classes. Ludovic Bouchut, President of Groupe VB of which Proximum is a part of, gives his feedback on their ongoing experience with Glowbl.

Hosting virtual classes to meet the need for remote training

Proximum offers various training sessions to meet the public administration’s needs: “We facilitate training sessions all around France, including in ultramarine collectivities. Our sessions are mostly legal-oriented and addressed to many public fields such as urbanism, public finance, state commissions”, Ludovic Bouchut explains.  

Providing customised intra-company training sessions, Proximum as well as all of Groupe VB, now face the need of moving on to online tools to keep their activity alive: “Today, like all training centers, we are in the midst of a digital transition. The Covid-19 sped-up the change to digital tools, since we had to convert most of our training sessions to virtual classes.”

Ludovic Bouchut,
President of Groupe VB

Just like most training experts at the same moment, Ludovic Bouchut sought a solution to face the emergency of the situation encountered by his professional branch. He was then looking for a tool that would offer a true pedagogical experience, built for online classes. “At the beginning of the health crisis, I established that there were two distinctive types of solution: the traditional videoconference tools built for remote exchanges, and the tools specifically made for trainings, which were a better fit for my needs. It was obvious that hosting a virtual class was very different from using a video conference platform to provide remote training.adds Mr Bouchut. 

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He highlights the importance of a solution fitting interactive teaching like Proximum provides: “A lot of our training sessions were converted to remote mode and will stay that way. The end of the covid-19 crisis does not mean a comeback to 100% in-person training, and this is why the quality of the tool and of the work we accomplish on it really contribute to the success of our training sessions”.

An online tool focused on interactivity for engaging sessions

Beyond the technical performance, Ludovic Bouchut also enjoys the importance given to the trainees in a Glowbl virtual space: “On Glowbl, each participant can pilot their own bubble, turn on their own microphone and camera whenever they want: these features are essential for the way we facilitate our sessions. They really contribute to maintaining the interactions that keep the training lively”. 

At Proximum, most of the sessions are 10 to 15 people, in order to maintain high quality teaching and to assist the trainees in getting familiar with Glowbl. “We wanted to recreate the same interactivity as in real life, and from where I see it, it’s easier to give work scenarios and to exchange during a session with 15 people rather than with more”, explains Ludovic Bouchut. 

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Innovating in techs to maintain human connections

What also led Proximum to choose Glowbl is benefiting from the client support offered by the Glowbl team: “From the very beginning, the Glowbl team was by our side and offered customised support. The team was very responsive, especially when it came to technical support and how to get used to the platform. We also had the opportunity to get help for our facilitators during their first online sessions.”

The technical support and the responsiveness really convinced Proximum who decided to get even more familiar with the platform and use it within its own teams to skill up and enjoy every feature Glowbl offers.

After more than a year of subscription, and being really won over by the advantages of hosting virtual classes on Glowbl, the president of Proximum and his teams are currently working on “packed training” put together specifically for a use on Glowbl. The principle? Creating dense training sessions associating individual learning and remote training through Glowbl virtual classes“At the moment, we are elaborating a catalogue of inter-companies training sessions, built  with Glowbl. Those training sessions will be hosted as virtual classes, in a hybrid format and thus will consist of a part of auto-learning followed by “key moments” held on Glowbl, where the trainees can interact with each other about the training’s topic. A synthesis phase in auto-learning will conclude each packed training session.” 

By getting familiar with the Glowbl platform over time, Proximum guarantees the quality of its sessions which allowed them to be labeled as Qualiopi, and to be trusted by various major actors of the public administration such as the French Ministry of Justice, the UGAP or even the Assemblée Nationale. 

Glowbl offers innovative virtual spaces for team facilitation and engaging sessions. To find out more, please contact the Glowbl team.