Glowbl provides online coworking spaces for students and universities

With its new, virtual, open space solution, the French company EdTech Glowbl  targets distance learning. 

Lyon, 11 February 2021, Glowbl, EdTech’s specialist French company, announces partnership with Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University. For the first time, Glowbl is providing its coworking solution to university students. The solution will enable students to continue to benefit from face-to-face experiences while tackling the dehumanisation of social interaction.

Coworking spaces for all Lyon 3 University students

The closure of universities and higher education institutes is causing growing unease among the millions of students who are being forced to take their classes via video conference and refrain from all social interaction. While learning often continues uninterrupted, student socialisation is suffering, in terms of both personal and academic interaction.

One student, Sarah, admits that, “some students have given up on their classes”. Webcams on online tools are often closed, which makes lectures very hard. She goes on to say, “What we really miss is student interaction”. The frustration of not knowing other students in the same year group is particularly hard.

Valérie Martel, a project coordinator and engineer in digital learning solutions, explains that students will use their open spaces to “share information, discuss different subjects, meet up to work together, and of course stay in touch through cultural factors like film or music”.

Open space by Glowbl to bring teams back together

It has been almost a year since we began adapting our work methods. During that time, Glowbl has offered its ergonomic solutions to facilitate team work in all types of organisation, from companies to higher education institutes. Its new solution provides an office experience that reflects real life by enabling teams to get together even when they are working remotely. 

recréer ses bureaux dans des salles virtuelles Glowbl open spaces

Companies choose to allocate rooms by providing each employee or each department with their own work space. Like in their workplace, team members can move around freely by turning on their webcam to interact with their colleagues. When two bubbles are together at a table, they can talk to each other, see each other, work on the documents that have been shared at the table, create content together, or simply have a conversation like they would at the coffee machine.

The aim of this solution is to recreate the energy and emotions of face-to-face working and rediscover the ease and spontaneity of informal interaction. 

A French solution designed around security first

Glowbl has made security a priority: 

  • Security and data protection: all dialogue and stored data is coded to protect user data.
  • Data confidentiality: Glowbl solutions are developed in France and comply with GDPR. Data is hosted in data centres located in France. 

About Glowbl

Glowbl offers an entirely human-focused solution for bringing people together to pass on and exchange information and interact virtually. Its unique patented features are designed to reproduce virtually the familiarity and routines of real life. They ensure that the Glowbl experience feels entirely natural. Therefore making teaching sessions more effective. Virtual classrooms | Online meetings | Group work | Company seminars. Glowbl brings people together virtually for real learning. 

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