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More Interactive

Organise sub-working groups to enable everyone to participate? Easy, with 9 tables at your disposal!

More Productive

Effective with the collaborative note that participants co-construct and download at the end of the session.

More User-friendly

A convivial environment that invites everyone to cross paths, meet and exchange spontaneously, just like in real life.

No more tedious and soporific video conferencing. Make way for the dynamic virtual place.



  • Time : To master it, time your sequence stages. To set the pace, alternate plenary moments and sub-group moments. To gain time, integrate your content beforehand.
  • Space : To customise it, choose a layout according to your activities. To put your participants in an active posture, organise your tables according to your facilitation goals.
  • Action : To facilitate participant engagement, use our templates inspired by collaborative best practices.



Whether there are 2 or 300 participants, the principle is the same. Everyone sits around the tables. Everyone will be free to move around the space, from one table to another, according to the sub-groups. It’s up to you to play your sequence scheduled for the animation. Collaborative content, co-production, the participants will always interact and be engaged.



Have you created and implemented a pedagogical system? Save your organisation time and standardise your devices: your sequences can be shared with other facilitators.
Another session, same goal but with another group? Your spaces can be duplicated.


Get Started with Activity Templates

The best of experts of collaborative practices designed them. Choose from dozens of activity templates.

1 Liberating Structures

Implement simple activities to facilitate meetings and workshops for groups of all sizes


2 Co-dévelopment

Encourage peer-to-peer exchange of experiences and the development of an action plan


3 Activities of Thiagi 

Fun and interactive exercises to promote fast and engaging group learning


4 World Café

Experience of cross-fertilisation of ideas through rotation of subgroups


5 Frescoes

Raise awareness among teams by having them build a mosaic of images together


Glowbl accelerates the adoption of collaborative methods


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Testimonials of our customers

  • Tara Pignal

    “Glowbl is an intuitive online animation solution that allows you to make the most of your time and be productive during workshops.”

    Tara Pignal

    International Project Manager and Short Programs Coordinator - INSA Lyon

  • “We use Glowbl in different ways, and this tool meets many of our needs. That’s also why we recommend it to our partners.”

    Thibaut Chesneau

    Project manager - Institut de Formation du Football

  • “Glowbl has now become an unavoidable learning tool.”

    Bertrand Cauwet

    Design & Build Accountant - Capgemini

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