Avec Glowbl visualisez l'ensemble du groupe en visioconférence

Experience the emotion of feeling together

Glowbl takes into account human nature and needs

Imagine a virtual world where humans never feel lost. A virtual world where they instantly find their bearings. Exactly as in the real world. A virtual world that doesn’t try to change them, but instead adapts to their needs.

Glowbl has created a truly human-centric solution that brings people together and lets them communicate and interact virtually.

You get more engagement and efficiency!

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Our assets

Gathered on one single solution

Direct access

No software nor plugin to set up

Partagez vos documents, échangez par visioconférence et par chat sur Glowbl
Partagez vos documents, échangez par visioconférence et par chat sur Glowbl

Real time

Share, see and interact in the same time

GDPR compliant

We make security, data protection and privacy a priority

Les salles de visioconférence sont permanentes sur Glowbl
Les salles de visioconférence sont permanentes sur Glowbl


Persistent virtual rooms customized to your brand

Patented uniqueness

5 patents granted already on proxemics and infinite elastic word

Glowbl est accessible sur tous les devices
Glowbl est accessible sur tous les devices

Multi device

Access for participants on desktop, tablet and smartphone

Choose what you want to do

We help you to create LiveStages* according to your needs

Classes virtuelles
Classes virtuelles

Remote training
& Virtual classes

Have welcoming training rooms for qualitative and interactive teaching

  • Remote training session
  • Virtual class
  • Breakout groups
  • Interactive MOOC
  • Interactive SPOC
Réunion en ligne et Agence virtuelle
Réunion en ligne et Agence virtuelle

Online meetings
& Virtual agencies

Get together with coworkers, clients and partners on collaborative virtual spaces

  • Business meeting
  • Video conferencing
  • Client meeting
  • Brainstorming
  • Group work
  • Interview
  • Virtual agency

Webinars & Large audience

Create branded conference venues and storyboard your events

  • Interactive webinar
  • Large audience
  • Online conference
  • Internal or external
  • Web TV

* Your virtual meeting, training and conference rooms

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Whatever your use case is, they are always available on your LiveStages


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  • Unlimited rooms
  • Private access
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Online meetings | Virtual classrooms


Manage your teams

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  • Manage your organization and users
  • Integration to your tooms (LMS, SSO…)
  • Options customization
  • Premium support

Online meetings | Virtual classrooms

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