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On-site meetings imply lots of interactions between participants. Glowbl is the only digital solution that represents a group of people, stimulates their interactions and re-creates them close to reality.

Share this experience all together to enhance the quality of interactions. What you get: more participation and more efficiency.

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Share, see and interact in the same time


As much time and as many participants, use cases, contents and LiveStages as you want

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Showcase your brand internally and externally

For everyone, everywhere, at any time

For true mobility and multi-device access at low prices

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Online meetings
& Virtual agencies

Get together with coworkers, clients and partners on collaborative virtual spaces

  • Business meeting
  • Video conference session
  • Client meeting
  • Brainstorming
  • Group work
  • Interview
  • Virtual agency

Remote training
& Virtual classes

Have welcoming training rooms for qualitative and interactive teaching

  • Remote training session
  • Virtual class
  • Interactive MOOC
  • Interactive SPOC

Webinars & Large audience

Create branded conference venues and storyboard your events

  • Interactive webinar
  • Large audience
  • Online conference
  • Internal or external
  • Web TV

* Your virtual meeting, training and conference rooms

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  • Public LiveStages
  • All essential features
  • Set them up online by yourself
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Unlimited & no commitment
  • Private LiveStages
  • All tools and features
  • More customization and preferred pricing
  • We help you with the setup
  • Public or private LiveStages
  • On-demand options
  • Full support in setting up

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