How can digital innovation be used to deploy differentiated teaching? Adecco Les 2Rives

How can digital innovation be used to deploy differentiated teaching? Adecco Les 2Rives Illustration Adecco Les2Rives: How can we meet the needs of a geographically dispersed cohort of learners with varied profiles? While at the same time offering a unique and differentiated teaching approach. This is the approach taken by 2Rives. As part of the Validation of Acquired Experience programme offered by the training organisation. 

Adecco Les 2 Rives, through the testimony of Marie Abou Jaoudé, Digital Pedagogical Engineer in charge of this course. A perfect illustration of how the combination of educational innovation and digital innovation can transform distance learning into an interactive, personalised and effective experience.

The challenge

The aim of the course is to ensure that, by the end of the course, the learner has developed his or her project. Produce an application file and feel ready for the oral assessment to certify their skills. Each cohort is made up of 8 to 12 trainees with a wide range of backgrounds from all over France.

The course has been designed to meet the following educational challenges and objectives:

1- Group time should enable common messages to be conveyed to the trainees. 

2- These synchronous times should be used to enable trainees to work individually on their project, with the help of the consultant and also the help of other trainees, a real motivating factor.

3- The consultant must be able to share his time between the various trainees for individualised coaching.

4- The course should be spread out over several short group work sessions over a period of several weeks in order to respect the individual work time between sessions, the need for preparation and preparation that these dossiers require and the trainees’ need for flexibility.

5- For obvious logistical (time, location) and economic reasons, the distance learning format is the most suitable.

The solution: Virtual classes on the VAE path with Glowbl

To meet these challenges, Adecco Les 2 Rives has opted for virtual classes as part of the VAE (Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience) programme via the Glowbl platform. Why did we do this?

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The advantages of Glowbl in the digital world

User-friendly universe :

Glowbl offers a warm, fun environment that encourages participants to get involved over the long term.

We have created a space for each cohort. So each cohort of trainees has its own space. This space becomes the meeting place for the group. The conviviality is important for the commitment of the trainees in this course, which is long and requires a lot of personal work. Beyond the conviviality, it’s also very practical. Participants know from one session to the next where they are going to log on for the session. What’s more, the spaces remain open and accessible even outside the sessions. This means that trainees can return to the space outside synchronous sessions. To consult the group’s resources and work.

Easy to handle : 

The platform replicates the classroom experience while offering an intuitive interface, making it easy for learners to join in.

Glowbl is really easy to use. Firstly, it’s very visual for both trainees and consultants. You can see the space from above, with tables and each participant around the different tables. So you get the same reflexes as you would in a face-to-face meeting. What’s more, the ergonomics are highly intuitive. So it’s well suited to trainee profiles that aren’t necessarily used to the digital environment or even to the remote experience.

Sub-groups : 

The ability to create sub-groups within the same session means that support can be tailored to the specific needs of each participant.

The Glowbl spaces make it uniquely easy to set up and run sub-groups. Once again, the visual environment means that participants can immediately understand how to join a sub-group by moving to a table. Just as they would in real life. The facilitator’s job is made a lot easier because he never loses sight of the trainees. They move from table to table to observe and coach. We set up groups by level or profile to stimulate peer-to-peer working. Thanks to Glowbl, we’ve even been able to accommodate larger cohorts than we had originally envisaged, because the consultant is much better at sharing his time.

Collaborative Note : 

Glowbl encourages collaboration through interactive tools such as collaborative notes and whiteboards, stimulating interactivity and learner engagement.

All the necessary collaborative tools are available on each table. This is very practical, as the trainees work together effectively during the sessions. By the end of each virtual class, trainees have made effective progress on their projects.

Concrete results

Since October 2023, 145 candidates have benefited from this innovative training pathway, with a 78% completion rate, which is very satisfactory for this pathway. 100% of learners said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the virtual classes. As for the facilitators, 80% of them said that Glowbl encourages the commitment of the participants and 90% replied that Glowbl encourages working in sub-groups.


The partnership between Adecco Les 2 Rives and Glowbl illustrates the positive impact of digital innovation in the vocational training sector. The solutions provided by Glowbl have not only met the initial challenges, but have also opened up new avenues for the continuous improvement of the distance learning experience. We will be deploying Glowbl on new devices.

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