Optimise your sales meetings with the “One Two Four All” method

Sales meetings are often challenging and require an innovative approach to maximise efficiency and collaboration within the team. And that’s where the “One Two Four All” method comes in, as a strategic ally in tackling these challenges in a nicer, more human and, above all, more effective way.

What is the 1-2-4-all method?

The 1-2-4-all method, derived from Liberating Structures, is a breath of fresh air in the world of business meetings. It offers a participative approach designed to engage all members of a group simultaneously, transforming the atmosphere of meetings into a breeding ground for collaboration. The four key steps offer a unique sequence for unleashing everyone’s creativity and commitment.

ONE: Each participant takes a few minutes to reflect individually on the specific points discussed.

TWO: Participants pair up to compare and discuss their visions.

FOUR: Pairs come together in groups of four to synthesise their points of view and create a richer understanding.

ALL: Finally, the whole group shares collectively for five minutes, encouraging open collaboration.

Why? What are its objectives?

This method has several strings to its bow: 

  • Involving each person in the search for answers
  • Avoiding vicious circles of dependency caused by over-help or over-control
  • Creating spaces where participants can express themselves without fear and reduce hierarchical and power differences
  • Bring out the unspoken and broaden the diversity of proposals
  • Enhance the quality of observations and ideas before they are expressed
  • Lead naturally to a consensus or shared understanding

Glowbl: the ideal partner for the “One Two Four All” method

1.Real-time collaboration:

Glowbl offers a real-time collaboration experience, perfectly aligned with the dynamics of the ‘One Two Four All’ methodology. The platform facilitates the transition between stages of the methodology, making the process smooth and seamless.

2. Active engagement:

With Glowbl, every participant stays actively involved thanks to interactive features such as screen sharing, virtual whiteboards and instant messaging. Say goodbye to passive meetings and say hello to interaction and optimal concentration on key objectives.

3. Intuitive group management:

Glowbl’s easy group management simplifies the application of the ‘One Two Four All’ method. Participants can divide naturally into pairs and groups of four, while maintaining a continuous visual and auditory connection.

4. Accessible remotely:

Even at a distance, Glowbl maintains the human aspect of meetings by allowing participants to see each other and collaborate in a natural way. Gone are the barriers of physical distance, making it easier to apply the “One Two Four All” method in virtual contexts.

Why Glowbl with ‘One Two Four All’?

Ease of use: Glowbl’s user-friendly interface makes it intuitive to use, leaving participants and facilitators free to focus on content rather than technology.

Maximum efficiency: By combining the ‘One Two Four All’ methodology with Glowbl’s functionalities, business meetings become not only more efficient but also more stimulating, encouraging innovation and strengthening team spirit.

In conclusion, the combination of the “One Two Four All” method and the Glowbl platform offers a complete approach to energising your sales meetings. It ensures active participation, stimulates innovation and enables a smooth transition even in the virtual context, making every meeting a productive and engaging experience. 

So, are you ready to revolutionise your sales meetings? Glowbl and “One Two Four All” are here to do just that!