Making the transition to virtual learning a success: the English 4 French experience

As part of the transition to virtual learning environments, many training organizations have had to adapt. Megan le Donge, a foreign language expert at English 4 French, agreed to share her experience with the Glowbl platform, on online learning. English 4 French, an English-language training centre, operated this digitalisation. The company found in Glowbl a solution to maintain the interaction and efficiency of its online courses.

The context:

“We were looking to set up virtual learning classrooms that are as close as possible to the face-to-face experience. Our courses were designed for this format and we were very successful with it. Going online deprived us of this important interaction. Our main goal was to create a space where interaction is at the heart, where we can all see and interact as in a physical classroom, without the heaviness of traditional platforms like Zoom. We were looking for a solution that would allow us to recreate this atmosphere of proximity and exchange.

The challenge:

The challenge was to find a tool allowing us to deploy the pedagogy that makes our difference. Indeed, we organize our devices to do work in small groups. We follow the theory of multiple intelligences and we profile our learners in order to offer a more effective learning according to everyone’s preferences. There are those who prefer logic/mathematics, others who are more musical… For the same learning objective we adapt the exercises to different profiles. It is both fun and effective. So we set up learners in blocks and we can embed multiple types of profiles into a single group of learners.

It worked very well in face-to-face…but as soon as we had to move away, we got stuck. Of course, you can tinker with Zoom, but it’s frankly frustrating not compared to the physical experience to be in the same space. We lose friendliness, eye contact and fluidity.

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Why Glowbl:

We were already online on another platform, but we were not fully satisfied. We had looked at Glowbl some time ago, but at the time we were finding the solution less successful.We continued to follow the developments and after extensive research and testing of other platforms, Glowbl has proven to be the solution that best meets our need for interactivity and proximity, even remotely.

The functionalities used:

We particularly appreciate the functionality of the tables, which allows us to work in pairs or subgroups, adapting the activities according to the learning profiles of each. Profiles can also be broken down by level. So the learners work independently, at their own pace and I go from group to group to listen that everything is going well. I was a teacher in university but also in school, I made small groups and large groups and on Glowbl I feel the same as if I were in a physical space: I put myself back in a corner of the table to approach the group but staying back and I hear the dynamics. It’s just like when I’m in person.

Learners work with the collaborative note, with the annotation tools, with the videos.

Scrolling is also a key feature. First, we think and sequence our virtual classes as devices. We prepare each sequence in advance with the necessary content and tools. So, during the animation, we focus on the background. In addition, for each group simply duplicate the sequence. We invest only once on the preparation and then we can repeat the device endlessly.

The results of the device:

The transition to virtual learning went smoothly. Now, we can focus on course content without multiple tools distracting us; exchanges are smoother and we lose less time during transitions between activities. Participants can see the activities directly in front of them, without needing to open multiple applications. The course is simplified, just click on “next” and everything is set up automatically. We no longer need to search for our documents, everything is already there, ready to be used. We also received positive feedback from learners who always feel connected and involved, even remotely, thanks to the interactivity of the platform. The friendliness of the online experience strengthened their motivation and commitment.

Feedback from Glowbl:

Communication with the Glowbl team was excellent. They have listened to our needs and requests, and are very receptive to user feedback to improve their product. Unlike other solutions, we feel that we are truly heard and involved in the innovation process of the platform, which has strengthened our confidence in their product and prompted us to choose Glowbl over another solution.

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