Online meetings advantages

Online meetings: what are the advantages?

Quick and easy to organise, online meetings allow participants to communicate in writing, orally and via video conferencing, exchange documents and share data in a way that suits your needs. This solution is even more worthwhile if some of your colleagues or employees are based a long way from your offices. Here we review the advantages of remote meetings.

Online meetings, ideal for mobile teams

If your staff are often travelling, working remotely or working from home, it can be difficult if not impossible to bring them all together at the same time. And yet organising regular meetings is essential to discuss your work and your tasks, as well as to maintain and reinforce your employees’ feeling of belonging to the company.

Organising an online meeting wipes out the distance between you with a few mouse clicks. All you need is for each participant to have a reliable Internet connection and to join a virtual meeting room for up to 25 members. Good to know: with Glowbl, access is free for invited guests. Ideal for organising meetings with occasional contacts, such as customers or prospective customers.

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Organising online meetings: tools to make you more efficient

To organise a meeting remotely, you need to be able to count on high-quality tools and systems. Glowbl’s online meeting rooms give you access to permanent, secure spaces – you can store your files in your library and access them every time you log in (or delete them once they are no longer needed). Your meeting rooms can be customised in your company’s colours. You can also:

  • exchange documents without the need for screen sharing to optimise bandwidth;
  • view and comment on them with the other participants in real time;
  • discuss issues by public or private chat;
  • talk using video conferencing, with the option of connecting up to ten webcams and microphones at the same time;
  • create private rooms for subcommittee discussions.

Everything is provided to make your meeting as interactive as if you were face to face. No more interminable email exchanges in which information ends up getting lost – your discussions are more direct, interactive and efficient.

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Get organised with online meetings

Remote meeting rooms allow for better segmentation of your activities and tasks. For example, you can create a virtual space for each project, customer or contact, with different participants and documents associated with each one. Send an invitation in a few seconds and start communicating without leaving your desk. You can organise your whole week and schedule several meetings within a day, without wasting energy and time in travelling.

Glowbl offers an innovative virtual spaces solution. To find out more, please contact the Glowbl team.

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