Organising a webinar in 5 steps

Organising a webinar in 5 steps

A webinar is a great way of sharing information without the constraints of the participants having to be physically present. However, this communication format takes preparation. Here are the five main steps for organising a webinar within your company.

1. Choose a date for your webinar

The first step for organising a webinar successfully: set a date and time. Give preference to weekdays rather than Saturday or Sunday, when people are less likely to be available. For the time, avoid the beginning and end of the day. If you are organising a B2B webinar, your target participants are usually busier in the morning and/or unavailable in the evening.

2. Define the purpose of the webinar

The webinar format allows you to diversify your communication methods. The second step in organising a webinar is to think about its purpose. Do you want to boost your company’s reputation? Convert leads into customers? Gain customer loyalty? The goals you set in advance will determine what you say, and help you respond relevantly to your target audience’s expectations. Your main purpose will lead to subjects that will attract the people you want to reach through your webinar.

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3. Create content in an appropriate format

Once you have defined the purpose of your webinar, the time comes to construct the presentation. One of the advantages of a webinar is that it leaves space to include interaction between the presenter(s) and the participants. There are several levers available for formalising this interaction: creating a survey of participants, asking questions… And plenty of other elements need to be taken into account when planning a webinar, such as:

• Preparing content focused on the questions the audience is asking;
• Creating a visually attractive presentation;
• Choosing an accurate, eye-catching title to generate interest in your target group;
• If possible, inviting an expert in the subject.

Finally, the content created must correspond to the presentation time you have allowed yourself.

4. Create a landing page to present the webinar

To organise a successful webinar, you need to attract participants. Before launching your marketing activities, prepare a landing page on your website presenting the key details of your webinar. The landing page should include a link to a sign-up form for the webinar. The essential information it needs to contain is:

• The title and content of the webinar;
• The list of speakers;
• The date and time of the webinar;
• The tool used to take part in the conference.

5. Promote the webinar carefully

Social media, newsletters, email reminders, article on your blog… All the communication channels open to you are useful for promoting your webinar. Plan backwards from the webinar date to conduct an effective marketing strategy and make sure you have done everything you can to attract as many people as possible to your webinar when the time comes.

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