Release 4.7.0: What’s new for May 2024

In May, the sequence celebrates its 5th month of existence, and thanks to your feedback and ideas, we’ve been able to make it just the way you like it. You’ll see that it’s grown up a lot, that it’s now easier to create and run, and above all that it now allows you to manage the post-session better thanks to the appearance of sequence summaries. A major new integration will also delight many: Klaxoon is coming to your tables! And to get your brains into gear too, we’re celebrating the Paris 2024 Olympic Games with some special layouts. Hold on to your hats, there’s plenty new in our release this month!

The sequence: “Look darling, it’s working!

At Glowbl, we design the sequence as a personal assistant that allows you to :

  • Think about and design the scenario for your sessions directly in your space.
  • Facilitate your facilitation and allow you to concentrate on your participants. Everything is set up beforehand!
  • Evaluate your sessions and easily retrieve your participants’ work. It’s our new Sequence Summary!

Adding notes to the presenter

Add your personal notes at each stage. A reminder visible only to you, accessible by hovering the mouse directly over the sequence. You no longer need a separate document to remember what needs to happen in step 5!

Spatial view for easy table customisation

The new spatial view lets you define at a glance which table you want to arrange at which stage. Click directly on the table you want to modify. And if you prefer the list view, it’s still available via the icon at the top right. You’ll also find this space view in the stage summary, so you’ll never be in any doubt about what you’ve changed. The list view has been retained by default when content is added, but you can use a spatial view if you are unsure, and tick the tables to which the content should be loaded directly.


Choice of manual or autoplay launch of the timer

At the start of a stage, give your instructions and then start the timer manually to get your participants practising. Forgot something or have a problem? Put it on pause. And you always have the option of starting the timer automatically at the start of the stage. To do this, tick or untick the autoplay option when you assign a timer to your stages.

Possibility of restarting a step in a running sequence

If you have moved on too quickly to the next step, click on “restart” to return to a previous step.

Access to content loaded outside sequences

Launching a scroll hides content already present in the space, so as not to overload the table libraries. If you still need some of this content during a scroll, uncheck the “Show only content from current scroll” option in the table library.


Creation of a summary of the sequence

A new button has appeared in the sequence tab of the blue briefcase: Summary of sequences. Once you have stopped a schedule, you will find a summary including :

  • The list of attendees, which can be downloaded in CSV format;
  • The actual time spent at each stage, so you can improve your future training courses;
  • All content loaded and worked on during the course. Filter this content by type and download it all at once or separately.

The summary enables you to manage a post-session: download the content in a zip file, assess the participants’ work, or quickly send them the resources.

It is also a reassuring back-up for the work done in your various sessions. Summaries of each area can also be accessed from the dashboard.

Reset the room to its initial state at the end of the session

Clicking on “Stop sequence” allows you to choose between keeping the state of your space, its layout and content, as they are at the end of the scroll, or returning it to the initial state before the start of the scroll. This option allows you to clean up your space after your session in just one click. And even when they are no longer in the tables, the content loaded during a playlist will still be present in the playlist summary.

Klaxoon dans vos tables

We know there are a lot of you Klaxoon users out there, and your wish has been granted: the collaborative platform is coming to the Glowbl tables. Move your mouse over the table, click on the plus + “project new content”, and select Klaxoon. Connect from the table to your Klaxoon account and choose the document you want to upload. And that’s it! With Klaxoon and Glowbl, you can diversify your activities and get your participants highly engaged!

Moody Live Chat with Emojis

One of our users’ favourite features is the ability to react in space with emojis. It was a shame not to be able to add so much atmosphere to Live Chat. This has now been resolved, and you can now assign emojis to participants’ messages and comments. This feature can be turned into a voting system, to assess the importance of a question, for example. So, thumbs up! 👍

Sports displays to celebrate the Olympic Games

Our UX Designer, Jean-Claude Figueiras, has bent over backwards to bring the Olympic Games to your spaces. Ten designs have been created, [from the Olympic swimming pool to the football stadium]. This original initiative not only celebrates the spirit of the Games, but also encourages team spirit, a quality that is much needed in a training or brainstorming session. “We want to inspire your teams to work together with the same passion, and determination as the athletes on the pitch.” It’s a great way to merge the worlds of sport and collaboration, while bringing a bit of Olympic excitement to your sessions!

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New PDF editor

Our PDF editor has had a facelift. The text box, highlight and scribble tools have been moved to the same toolbar at the bottom, below the projected PDF. In future, this choice will enable annotations to be supported in the scroll summary.

Faster video recording

You may have noticed that our video recorder has been taking a while to start up recently. We’ve given it a new lease of life, and now it’s up and running in less than two minutes! To avoid any confusion, we’ve added a “recording in progress” indicator before the red dot that signals the start of recording.

More visible “Speak with authorisation” mode

Your participants arrive in your room and everything seems very quiet… But of course, you have left the participants’ rights to “speak on authorisation”. So they can’t activate their camera or microphone… To help you see this more quickly, we’ve added an icon at the bottom of your screen when this right is selected.

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