Des collègues de travail souriants

Teleworking: Rediscover office life without leaving home

During these unusual times, companies have had to adapt to remote working and have achieved this mainly thanks to digital progress. While some businesses have simply extended the measures they already had in place, others have sought home-working solutions, such as tools to manage meetings, job interviews, and online learning. But how can we rediscover office life in all its complexities?

Recreate spontaneity and informal interaction

Although most companies and their employees manage to work from home and conduct online meetings, it is often difficult to recreate the type of human interaction that exists face to face. Whether it’s a colleague doing the rounds to greet everyone, a discussion over coffee that sparks new ideas for an ongoing project, or a conversation in the corridor that offers a solution to a tricky situation, it all creates synergies, a rhythm to the working day, and constitutes a vital part of teamwork and motivation. Rediscover an office atmosphere even when working from home with Glowbl!

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Cooperate more efficiently without leaving home

Glowbl makes remote cooperation easier and more efficient thanks to a solution that simulates real-life interaction.

Recreate your office space with Glowbl’s virtual rooms

A Glowbl room has a central table and eight sub-tables. Use them to recreate different spaces, such as an open space, meeting rooms, offices, sections, floors, etc. Customise them with your logo, screensaver, title, names, etc. All interaction is managed at table level. Like at the office, if you are in one room (a table), you only have access to the content of that room and cannot be in another room at the same time.

Communicate naturally

Like at the office, identify your colleagues who are represented by a bubble with their name and photo or their initials. Communicate using your microphone and webcam for easy conversations or via the live chat to ask a question without interrupting your colleague. Is their bubble greyed out? They are not at their desk or are working on another screen. Do you want to get the whole team together in one space? Use the public announcement to send a general message.

Browse from one space to another without losing time

Do you need some time out or are you meeting with other colleagues for your weekly briefing? Move around by dragging your bubble from one table to another or by clicking on Join. That way, you move from your office to the break room or to a meeting room. You can move around in a closed and secure environment, without needing to log out to switch from one group to another.

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Work together remotely on the same document

At a table, share content (pdf, word, ppt, excel, jpeg), videos (YouTube links), screen share, etc. Co-create documents using the collaborative note like on a whiteboard! You can share, change and add to documents like in a real-life meeting room.

Use Glowbl to move from one room to another without logging out, in a common and secure environment. Join colleagues to discuss projects and work together, or invite customers and partners to your virtual rooms using private, customised links. In short, recreate office life even when working from home!

Glowbl offers an innovative solution and options tailored to your needs. To find out more, please contact the Glowbl team.