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Assess and question your students using the new Glowbl survey tool!

To mark the start of a new year, Glowbl is redoubling its efforts to make your virtual classrooms even more inviting and friendly! Our first update of 2021 offers a new survey tool enabling you to ask questions live to your audience and talk individually with your participants using our new private chat function.

Create a live poll

Do you want to assess your students during a class? Are you looking to encourage interaction or create an ice-breaker? Do you need to question your audience to adapt your training accordingly? Use the survey tool to ask questions live to your participants, who will answer in a matter of clicks! You can see the results immediately, export or share them, and even save recurring questions in your library.

How does it work?

From your classroom:

  1. Click on the toolbox in the bottom right of your window, then click on Create a new survey.
  2. Write your question in the first field, select the type of response, then add your choice of answers.
  3. Click on Start the survey.
  4. Each participant sees the question appear in their Glowbl window. They select their response and validate it.
  5. As training officer and survey creator, you can check your students’ answers in real time in the survey tool. 
  6. Once everyone has given their response, you can close the survey, export it, or share it on the main table.

N.B. If you want to save the survey to reuse it, click on Save as a model during the creation phase, just before you start the survey.

Send a private chat

On Glowbl, we offer multiple communication channels: webcam and microphone, public chat, collaborative memos, spontaneous participation, etc. Now, you can communicate individually with your participants using our private chat function. It’s like whispering!

How does it work?

Firstly, you need to know that private messages are deactivated by default in all classrooms. To activate them, go to the Participants tab in the bottom right corner of your screen, then click on Administration in the toolbar at the top of your window. In Settings, use the ON/OFF button to activate the private messaging service. It will be greyed out when private messages are deactivated and green when they are activated.

To write a new private message:

  1. Click on the Live Chat tab then on Private in the toolbar at the top of your window.
  2. Click on New message and select the person you wish to write to from the list of participants present at the table.
  3. Then write your message in the space at the bottom of the window and click on the Send icon.

N.B. Like public chat and shared content, private chat is at table and not room level. This means that you can only write a message to somebody “sitting” at the same table as you. However, once the private chat is set up, you can carry on messaging that person from any table.

When you receive a private message, a notification appears in the Live Chat tab. Click on it to open the message and chat with the other person.

Forthcoming updates

To provide you with an experience that reflects real human interaction, Glowbl’s product and technical teams are constantly improving your virtual classrooms. Discover the updates we have planned for the coming weeks.

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