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72% of learners believe that blended learning with Glowbl has made their learning experience easier, and 91% are highly satisfied with it.

Blended learning is one of the most innovative and cost-effective training methods for learners. On Glowbl, this experience is similar to reality, and the results have shown that blended learning learners have achieved superior results in terms of skills transfer, satisfaction, and engagement.

An innovative path centered on the learner.

“I followed management training that used innovative learning methods such as role-playing, business simulations, and interactive workshops. I really enjoyed this format because it allowed me to develop my leadership and communication skills in a more practical and immersive way than during more traditional training.

What I particularly appreciated was the way the training was personalized to meet the needs of each participant. The trainers took the time to understand our professional challenges and integrated concrete and relevant examples into their teaching. This made the training more relevant and useful for me.

In the end, I am convinced that this innovative approach to management training was more effective for me than the traditional methods I have experienced in the past. I acquired new practical skills that I could directly apply in my work, and I strengthened my ability to manage my team effectively. I highly recommend this type of training to anyone who wants to develop their leadership and management skills.”

These are typical testimonials on which training organisations that use Glowbl rely. Glowbl, a real pedagogical innovation, allows you to find the same habits and quality of exchanges as what you can experience in person. Being around a table to facilitate exchanges, being able to easily alternate interactions in groups and subgroups, and of course, to really put learners in a learning situation on content as well as with simulations. Since everyone is free to move around freely in this 2D Metaverse space, we can constantly adapt to the group’s dynamics.

Distance training, easy to fit into a busy schedule.

Distance training, and more specifically virtual classes, offer great flexibility to learners and allow them to better adapt to busy schedules. According to a survey conducted by the Cegos Observatory in 2021, 68% of learners want to have access to online training to be able to learn at their own pace and according to their availability. Virtual classes are an ideal solution to meet this demand, as they allow you to attend training sessions remotely from anywhere without having to travel. Thanks to this flexibility, learners can better organize their time and reconcile their professional and personal lives with their training. However, virtual classes must be carried out with adapted solutions to avoid disengaging learners. This is why Glowbl has been chosen as a pedagogical tool by more than 200 trainers or training organisations.

Cost optimisation.

A study conducted by the Brandon Hall group showed that companies that use a combination of online and face-to-face training can reduce training costs by 25 to 35% compared to face-to-face training alone.

In general, a “new manager” blended learning training program can cost between 1000 and 2000 euros, depending on the duration and complexity of the training. In contrast, the average price of a face-to-face training day for a manager is around 500 euros, with of course variations depending on the provider and the content of the training.

However, direct costs are not the only factors to consider. Indirect costs such as travel expenses, accommodation, and catering costs for participants should also be taken into account when evaluating face-to-face training costs. In addition, blended learning allows for greater flexibility and better adaptability to learners’ busy schedules, which leads to savings for the company.

Finally, the effectiveness of training is incomparably higher in blended format compared to in-person format. Numerous studies demonstrate this, such as the one published in the Journal of Business and Psychology (2021), which compared the results of 125 learners who attended in-person training with those of 125 other learners who took the same training in blended learning format. The results showed that learners in blended learning achieved superior results in terms of skills transfer, satisfaction, and engagement.

Glowbl offers an innovative solution and customized offers to meet your needs. To learn more, do not hesitate to contact our teams.

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