Testimony: “Glowbl is easy to manage and allows the users to focus on their training program.”

INSA Lyon, a renowned engineering school, offers worldwide exchange programs for its local and foreign students. To facilitate its short programs online, the INSA Lyon chose Glowbl. Tara Pignal, Short Programs Coordinator, gives her feedback on their experience with Glowbl.

Virtual class as a solution to pedagogical continuity

INSA Lyon, National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon, offers its students to study abroad for six to twelve months during their academic curriculum, thanks to exchange programs. Acting for the International & European Relations Office Team, Tara Pignal, Short Programs Coordinator, builds short programs to welcome international students to Lyon. For two weeks and up to six months, the students attend classes on innovation topics (IoT, smart cities, energy transition…) and intercultural workshops (french language, economics, industry and management in Europe, visits…).

Tara Pignal,
Short Programs Coordinator

We usually offer these short programs as in-person classes, but since the pandemic, we have elaborated two short online programs: the “Online Spring School” for the Asian continent and the “Online Fall School” for the American continent.

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An all-in-one multi-tables space to save time and focus on pedagogical goals

A coworker who used Glowbl for a seminar recommended the solution. We tried it out and thought it was adapted to our needs. The students understood right away how it works and the teachers only needed a short introduction to manage using it.

Over two weeks, we welcomed eight japanese and four french students, as well as two teachers in two online spaces (one for a class on the IoT and the second for intercultural classes). The teachers shared their presentation slides directly onto the smart tables or through the screenshare tool. The group also used the collaborative note and whiteboard to work together on various workshops. We even got to have a virtual tour of Lyon!

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An intuitive, attractive and innovative online training solution

We chose Glowbl for its intuitiveness and its likeness to real life. We can move around the space freely by dragging our bubble, zoom-out to overview the whole space and all participants. Glowbl is visually pleasing, attractive and flowing! No one is disconnected from one link to another as everyone stays in the same environment”.

“Our teachers and students meet for very short periods of time, thus they do not have time to assimilate a new tool. Glowbl is easy to manage and allows the users to save time and focus on their training program.”

Beyond being a solution for the school’s needs in terms of short programs, Glowbl also matches the INSA Lyon’s values. “It’s a french, Lyon-native, innovative solution, gathering diverse tools we use and need. In addition to that, the Glowbl team is very responsive and we benefited from high-quality support, in terms of both technical and training needs.

Glowbl is a collaborative platform for hybrid work enabling project simplification, collective intelligence and agile management in a user-friendly environment. To find out more, reach out to our teams or try it for free.

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