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Speaking to all participants during subgroup workshops

How do you deliver instructions orally when all participants have been dispatched to collaborate at their tables? It’s possible. Thanks to the broadcast mode, you have the opportunity to interact with all participants in the space at the same time.

Simply go to the animation tool, select the “Rights” tab, and choose the “broadcast” mode. This feature is particularly useful for group activities as it allows participants to stay focused at their tables instead of having to return to the main table to follow the subsequent instructions.

Please note that in broadcast mode, all participants can speak at the same time. We encourage you to define participant rights as well, such as enabling the “raise hand” right to speak.

Prepare a workshop in less than 5 minutes 

Organizing content in a virtual space can take more than 20 minutes per workshop if you don’t have ready-to-use animation templates. So, how do you save time during workshop preparation?

  1. Choose the right workshop 

Start from the beginning: define the type of workshop, the activity flow, and the subgroup work to be done. Need inspiration? Find several turnkey ready-to-use workshop templates such as Codev, Retex, and Codevelopment in your Glowbl space.

  1. Prepare the space well 

Once you have chosen the workshop type, access the preloaded animation templates in the collaborative notes, sequences, and surveys. With the guideline sheets on the website, you are guided step by step to successfully prepare the workshop.

  1. Customize the table 

Finally, personalize the table according to the needs of your learners and your specific expectations.

By doing so, you can save time and energy while providing your participants with clear, dynamic, and engaging sessions.

Quickly project subgroups’ works

During the presentation stage, it is not required to go to each table to get their work. It is now possible to quickly project subgroup’s productions. To do this, click on the table menu and then on the  “Open the contents of a different table” section.

Decorate your Glowbl table: How to do it? 

Do you want to personalize your tables in the space? You’ve come to the right place! You can now customize each table as per your preference so that it becomes an ideal place for your workshop. It’s very easy: just upload your image with the new arrangement onto the table with a transparent background. Let your creativity flow! You’ll see, the choice of furniture is endless!

Synchronize the display mode with all participants

During remote animation, it is important to ensure that participants can easily access the necessary information for the success of the workshop. However, some participants may have difficulty using a new tool, which can lead them to get lost in the Glowbl space and prevent them from actively participating in the workshop.

To avoid this, a simple solution is to ‘lock the display mode’ to ensure that participants see the content under the best conditions. Additionally, by locking the display mode, you can also ensure that all participants have the same view of the space, of groups on the tables, and of the content. 

You’ll see, this synchronization of the display mode helps create a productive learning experience.

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