Features that shake up animation

The theory of “small steps” puts forward the idea that small improvements can lead to significant results when accumulated over time. That’s why, in this release, you’ll discover some carefully designed small developments. Vary your pedagogical tools and boost participant engagement!

Synchronize the view of a collaborative note

Now it’s easy to guide participants through a collaborative note.
2 steps :

  1. On the collaborative note, point to the line to be presented to participants
  2. Click on the “Synchronize view on my cursor” button and let participants collaborate quickly and 100% autonomously.

As you’ll see, this synchronization of view modes creates a learning experience.

Helping participants join sub-groups

Need to get sub-group work underway quickly? Automatically redirect participants to the group table. To do so, click on the table link “Copy access link to this table” and share it.

Host a classic video conference on Glowbl

The classic videoconference format projects all participants onto the screen. In the Glowbl space, display up to 20 participants on a table.

Send an urgent private message

Want to know if an urgent private livechat message has been read by the recipient ? You can!

If you want to share important information with another trainer or a participant, simply send a message in the livechat. When the message has been read, a message read notification is displayed.

What’s the working atmosphere like?

A good working atmosphere is a key factor in fostering motivation and support among participants. In the Glowbl space, reactions can be used to express a message or emotion more clearly.

Now, in plenary mode, all participants can see the reactions of participants at all tables. This makes it easy to gauge the atmosphere and adapt the workshop to the learners’ pace.

Manage participants’ webcams

How do I activate and deactivate participant cameras? In the settings menu, find the number of cameras displayed and choose the best configuration.

Control recording time

Save time! Start by recording the session and setting the recording end time.

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