Turn Training into Tutoring : From Theory to Practice !

The transmission of skills and knowledge by an expert, guidance, practical application of this knowledge, including in the workplace, and personalized, step-by-step follow-up are the ingredients needed for successful tutoring. 

In theory… In practice, for lack of time, resources or practical reasons, very few people manage to combine all these ideal conditions for truly effective tutoring training. Unless you innovate…

The challenge of tutored training

How to increase the anchoring indicator ? This is the problem faced by Legrand, a company specializing in electrical products and solutions for homes and businesses. The company has set up a tutorial program for its distributors, to train them in technical study software specially designed to help them draw up quotations for its products. This is a key challenge for the company, which is counting on its distributors’ skills to ensure quality service for its customers.

An example of a device

“After 5 days of 100% face-to-face training, only 1 in 10 participants reopened the software for which they had been trained,” explains Aurélie Guibert at Legrand. “We decided to transform this training course into blended training, i.e. training over time using a mix of methods”. It’s an innovative choice, combining face-to-face and distance learning formats, autonomy, tutoring and on-the-job training, for which the Legrand teams relied on Glowbl.

A permanently open place where learners can meet as often and for as long as they need, synchronously or asynchronously, to engage them over the long term.

Using distance workshops for innovative tutoring training

In this new course devised by Legrand, 50% face-to-face sessions are supplemented by 50% distance learning sessions, and 26% independent work alternates with learning with the trainers. This clever balance was made possible by the Glowbl solution and its permanent location, which offers considerable flexibility. It enables distributors and tutors to connect easily, share documents and collaborate both asynchronously and in real time, creating an interactive and immersive learning experience. Designed in this way, presence and distance do not compete, but rather reinforce each other.

The impressive results of remote workshops

Physical meetings provide a valuable opportunity to reinforce skills acquired online, encourage face-to-face exchanges and create links between distributors. The permanent virtual space has enabled learning to be put into practice over time, even in the workplace. “Going from 2 practical cases to 8 was not only beneficial for anchoring, but also important for giving meaning to the training,” explains Cecilia Gourgousse!

A convivial place to share, exchange and create a personalized link.

Facilitating Personalized Training Follow-up

Tutoring means personalized and regular follow-up… But apart from face-to-face meetings, generally in groups and under time constraints, how can this be made effective without running up against practical and economic considerations? Glowbl proved to be the ideal platform for Legrand to maintain the link and ensure personalized follow-up of learners. On this link, distributors and tutors were able to connect easily for regular, short, face-to-face meetings between trainer and distributor. Between two virtual classroom sessions, case studies and coaching, the link site remained open, enabling the exchange and sharing of documents at all times. Halfway through the virtual classroom, personalized tables and the ability to change tables at will facilitated sub-group work, as well as individual questioning and coaching during the case studies. These are just some of the possibilities offered by Glowbl, which combined and complemented each other and the face-to-face sessions to ensure learner commitment and anchored learning.

100% completion rate : An undeniable success

By reinvesting in tutoring and adopting a blended learning approach, Legrand was able to effectively engage its learners, demonstrating the crucial importance of tutoring in e-learning. Thanks to this innovative program, Legrand achieved a 100% completion rate for its training program. The distributors, more committed than ever, acquired high-quality skills and were solidly prepared to serve the company’s customers.

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