What is the Human Factor Fresco?

Innovating in training in 2023 often means hybridizing training courses. This challenges the habits of many trainers and learners! Even when the desire of innovating in training is present, resistance can arise, and it may not materialize. It is to avoid this backdrop that Tania Leloup Choppy facilitates a Human Factor Fresco workshop for her clients. This workshop has been specifically designed by Humans Matter, Nous sommes Vivants and the Gieco-IPBC to enable everyone to reconnect with their capacity to take action. Find out more about this workshop below.

The Human Factor Fresco’s aim

Tania Leloup Choppy explains: “During this 3-hour workshop, the 6 to 12 participants will be encouraged to co-construct a common representation by using collective intelligence. The richness of co-construction is based on attention and listening. That is why I believe it is essential to ensure that the setting offers conviviality, security and availability. For example, making sure that the workshop’s date is not too close to a deadline or a high-stakes event for the participants is important”.

The steps …

“After welcoming the participants, the fresco is facilitated in 3 stages”, says Tania Leloup Choppy :

  1. Participants identify a behavior they would all like to adopt at least a little.
  2. They are led to understand by sharing their own experiences that emotions, biases and other factors play a role in modifying human behavior.
  3. They take stock of their findings before parting.

A beneficial experience for participants

“The workshop will encourage participants, who are all involved in organizational change, to realize why it is so difficult to transform oneself,” explains Tania Leloup Choppy. “By discovering how human beings function, each participant will gain a better understanding of his or her own reactions and those of others. This knowledge makes it easier to take the small step towards changing one’s behavior. This awareness also allows greater openness to the behavior of others”, she concludes, “in addition, each participant experiences collective intelligence, which boosts his or her feelings of competence and belonging, thus increasing intrinsic motivation and optimizing the move to take action ».

Immediate effects to be maintained

For Tania Leloup Choppy, “The human factor fresco is like the spark that starts a fire. It raises awareness and identifies a small, realistic individual step in the direction of the desired change. 

At the end of each fresco, the energy of the participants is high. So it is a good idea to plan other regular workshops, still using collective intelligence, to use and boost this energy. An action plan workshop, followed by co-development workshops, is an excellent follow-up to a human factor fresco.

The human factor fresco can be an effective tool for getting teams involved in any transformation project. It can be held in person as well as on Glowbl, “which offers the required conviviality and empowerment, since everyone can decide to go to the table of their choice!” says Tania Leloup Choppy. 

All the more reason to make it an integral part of your transformation strategy !

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