Employee training: why use MOOCs?

Creating a MOOC for your employees: what are the benefits?

MOOCs are not reserved solely for universities and students. More and more companies are encouraging their staff to take these courses due to their many advantages. So what are they, and why should you opt for MOOCs in business?

Access to training for all at any time

On a computer, phone or tablet, on public transport, in an office or in a dedicated room: MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are training platforms open to anyone, anywhere. This is one of the biggest advantages of MOOCs in business. Whether your teams are in Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Bordeaux or Marseille, nothing stops them following the course remotely at the same time as other teams from the same group.

A concise format full of impact

Whether in the form of videos, audio recordings or live virtual classrooms, MOOC modules are often short. This naturally increases their impact. In the context of a virtual classroom led by a trainer, the course is also more dynamic and inclusive for all participants.

Interaction: one of the many benefits of MOOCs in business

Unlike e-learning courses, MOOCs promote exchanges and interaction between students and, in the case of a virtual classroom, between students and the trainer. Using chats, forums, company social networks or virtual classrooms, each learner can influence the content of the course. Everyone can contribute to the quality of the training provided. Result: greater employee engagement and increased team cohesion.

Respect each employee’s rhythm

In business, employees timetables do not always allow work to be combined with study. At the same time, not all employees are equal when it comes to training and learning. MOOCs within companies make it possible to respect the rhythm and availability of each learner by offering a choice from a menu of training options. Courses can be postponed till later, or taken several times until they sink in. This flexibility allows everyone equal access to training.

Lower costs for the employer

The last advantage of MOOCs in business is a significant one for the employer: the question of cost. Conventional training, either face-to-face or remote via an e-learning platform, is expensive for the company. While MOOCs are not free, they are more affordable than conventional training, especially as MOOCs can evolve over time as trainers and learners contribute to them. The courses offered through MOOC systems can respond precisely to a company’s needs at a given time without costing more.

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