How do you organize an online job interview? Discover our tips

How do you organise an online recruitment interview?

Remote interviews are increasingly common. They make it possible to overcome geographical obstacles and save time for both recruiters and candidates, who do not necessarily need to travel in order to meet. As a recruiter, how can you organise an online interview? What are the main rules to follow? Take a look at our tips.

Choose the right tool for your online recruitment interview

The key to a successful remote recruitment interview is partly down to the tool you use to communicate. It needs to enable oral communication, online chat and the sharing of documents. It is not unusual for candidates to share documents during an interview, such as presentations or portfolios. The recruiter may also need to share internal company documents.

Glowbl is one of the tools that allow this kind of interview. It places you in a virtual meeting room where you can share documents (presentations, CVs, portfolios, videos etc.) throughout the interview. Similarly, the recruiter can view the results of tests or questionnaires submitted by the candidate in advance and discuss them.

Communicate about how the tool works

If the candidate is not familiar with the solution used for the remote interview, remember to send them instructions before the big day. This will enable them to gain familiarity with the tool and avoid wasted time (and stress) on the day of the interview. They will also need to be told about the equipment they will need for video conferencing.

Communicate properly with the participants

Each participant (several recruiters can be involved) needs to receive an official invitation to the online recruitment interview.

The invitation must include the date and time of the appointment and a description of how it will work.

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Plan a quiet place where you will not be disturbed

Just like a traditional face-to-face interview, recruiters need to conduct the proceedings in a place where they will not be interrupted while talking to the candidates. Reserve a company meeting room in advance if you do not have an enclosed office.  

Test the tool before the appointment

The recruiter needs to prepare by reading about the candidate, but also by checking that the hardware and software are in perfect working order a few minutes before the online interview. Getting a head start will ensure you have the time to resolve any technical issues. Internet connection, microphone, webcam direction – several elements need to be checked.

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