Mastercard Advisors trains customer account managers online

Mastercard Advisors trains customer account managers online

As part of a business development campaign for one of its clients, Mastercard Advisors called on Glowbl to set up a programme of webinars aimed at customer account managers, helping them master the sales pitch for the Platinum card.

Joint online training on a massive scale

Mastercard Advisors is the consulting arm of Mastercard. Its teams provide advice services focused on strategy, marketing and training for the payment industry.

In this specific case, the goal was to inform hundreds of account managers at the client bank, spread across France, about the advantages of the Platinum card in order to reinforce their sales pitch and present the sales targets.

The webinar campaign took place over a month: 12 half-hour webinars were organised, with one session for each region. Two presenters shared the online training role: one from Mastercard Advisors, and the other from the client’s marketing team. The webinars included broadcasting presentations and videos, without ever using screen sharing thanks to Glowbl’s innovation.

A success that invites others

On average, about 130 bank branches were connected to each webinar, and training was provided to over 1,000 people. They were able to share their comments and questions by chat, and these were addressed later.

Glowbl’s support was key to the success of this campaign. We were completely satisfied with the platform’s flexibility and set-up speed, combined with the responsiveness and support of the Glowbl team.

Benoit Ripault, Senior Marketing Manager

The experience was a great success, and a large number of account managers were trained quickly. The interface naturally generated interactions with the participants, and the speakers were as comfortable as if they were physically together. A new campaign was subsequently initiated when another bank card was launched.

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