collègues travaillant en groupe dans le cadre d'une formation

Feedback: “In Glowbl virtual classrooms, you feel really immersed in an environment that reflects the codes of a real-life training room.”

As a specialist in supporting cultural and managerial change in organisations, Coefficience 3 stands out from competitors through the innovative actions and unique experiences it offers. At a time when working from home and remote learning are really taking off, the consulting firm seized the opportunity to stand out from competitors by offering innovative tools and a whole new digital experience through Glowbl virtual classrooms. Co-founder Benjamin Pagliai gives us his feedback.

Digital tools for organisational change

As a consultancy specialising in organisational change, Coefficience 3 offers a very wide range of services. “The majority of our business focuses on training and seminars. We also run collective intelligence and managerial innovation projects. We consider the role of collective engagement vital in transformation projects.” The firm also runs special “learning expeditions”, in association with partner companies. This type of action involves organising visits to places or companies, sometimes abroad, to observe cases of transformation and management methods adopted by different entities.

Although Coefficience 3 already uses some e-learning solutions, the majority of its business is conducted through face-to-face sessions. So, during the first lockdown in March 2020, the company saw an opportunity to develop its approach to digital technology and find more efficient tools, particularly with a view to running remote training sessions.

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Benjamin Pagliai,
co-founder of Co’efficience3

Virtual classrooms to recreate the experience of face-to-face learning

When Benjamin began looking for new tools, he did not head straight for traditional video conferencing solutions such as Zoom or Teams, like many companies and individuals when they suddenly had to meet an urgent need. So what was his prerequisite? To ensure his trainees were actors of their own sessions. “We were looking for a tool that would enable us to recreate real-life experience. We wanted to reproduce, in as far as is possible, what we can do in a real classroom. In other words, be physically present, with a camera, to see the people sitting next to you at the table, to be able to move around the room. That’s why we chose the virtual classroom.” Back then, he often came across the same problem with traditional tools: the impossibility of creating work groups within one single environment. “I didn’t want to have to send out a spreadsheet before the seminar, giving a lot of instructions and links to change rooms, or to have to log out and then log back in again. I was looking for greater fluidity.” 
Benjamin mentions the mistrust associated with platforms that have been the centre of scandals involving data confidentiality. “We also work with clients in sectors such as defence, finance and nuclear energy. Which is why we wanted a more secure platform, for both our customers and ourselves. As the innovative services we offer are what make us stand out, we also wanted to use a different tool and offer a novel digital experience.”

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Features that enhance the teaching experience

When he discovered Glowbl, the co-founder of Coefficience 3 was initially attracted by the fact that the virtual classroom solution is made in France. But he was also drawn to the importance Glowbl places in data protection. “From a technical point of view, I also appreciated the fact that the platform had already switched to HTML5, bearing in mind that the end of life of Flash Player was due in January 2021. Ease of connection is also an advantage. You don’t need to download software or set up an account to log in.

“What persuaded us to use Glowbl virtual classrooms was that you feel completely immersed in an environment that reproduces the codes of a real-life training room. From the central table, I can run my session, then ask my trainees to go to a sub-table to work in small groups, then come back to the central table to share their findings and discuss them all together. And during that time, I can move from table to table to see what’s going on, help out etc. I can even make a public announcement to communicate an instruction to all participants, at all tables right away.” 
As a session leader, he also likes the features that provide indicators on participants’ attention. “Glowbl boosts student presence and engagement. On our training courses and in our seminars we need our participants to stay connected and attentive. When they are distracted, doing something else, checking their emails, their bubbles grey out. This enables us to be aware of when participants’ attention starts to drop. Which means we can revitalise the session to win their attention back.”

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People at the heart of technological innovation

Beyond the tool’s technical performance, Coefficience 3 appreciates the business relations they have developed with the Glowbl team over the months we have been working together. “I have spent a lot of time talking to the team, having discussions about taking the user into account when designing and developing digital tools. We were very much in line with each other regarding our values and work methods.  Indeed, it was these good discussions with the team that encouraged me to put my trust in them and made me want to use Glowbl. In the end, that was what made the difference.”

“My clients and my trainees also like Glowbl. There is always that Wow! factor when they are at the central table and zoom out into the room to see the other tables all around it! Everyone thinks it’s great. Also, the tool is pretty quick to find your way around. The technical team has managed to provide a simple environment that also has many innovative features.”

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