NEW: your Glowbl non-binding monthly subscription

Online payment is now available! From today, subscribe to your Virtual classrooms or Online meetings offer directly online with our new non-binding monthly plan.

A new offer for more agility

You are a trainer, a consultant or a coach, subscribe to our monthly plan, pay through the online payment system and get your individual license. With this new offer, you can adjust your subscription with your activity and your needs.

Glowbl online offers

  • Virtual classrooms for € 59.90/month* / individual license
  • Online meetings for € 11.90/month* / individual license

Included: your learning resources (user guides, tutorial videos, online support) 

*non-binding plan, you can unsubscribe when you want

Note: You have to create an account before subscribing an individual offer

Read more: Collaborative notes and step-by-step tutorial are now available!

Customized features for your needs

Virtual classrooms

Train your clients or your collaborators online,
as in real life.

  • 1 main table for lecture course: 1 presenter with webcam and microphone & 40 participants (they can ask for the microphone by raising hand)
  • 8 breakout tables for collaborative groups: 10 participants with webcam and microphone
  • Unlimited number of virtual rooms
  • White label customization
  • Pedagogical toolbox
  • Recordings of your sessions in .mp4

Online meetings

Manage remote meeting
easily accessible.

  • 1 table
  • 25 participants including 10 with webcam et microphone
  • Unlimited number of virtual rooms
  • White label customization
  • Online support

Rediscover our best features with your individual Glowbl license:

  • Easy and direct access for your guests (no software to download)
  • Managing private rooms
  • Content sharing and interacting (documents, YouTube videos, screens…)
  • Webcam and microphone
  • Public chat
  • List of participants
  • Collaborative notes
  • Live user attention
  • Managing roles
  • Virtual identity card
  • Personal library

Always in a protected environment 100% GDPR compliant.

Subscribe to your Virtual classrooms or Online meetings monthly plan.