Your virtual business card to optimize your networking with Glowbl

Today in this latest release update: a new tool to improve your professional network and a brand new non-binding offer for more agility!

The business card

In your rooms, you can recognize participants by their names or photos. To go further and help you optimize your networking, we create the virtual business card. Making connection and identifying people, their job titles and hobbies gets easier.

How does it work?

Complete your business card

1. Go to your Glowbl account and click on Edit my profile.

2. In the first block, you can edit your last name and first name, choose how you want to display your name to other participants.

3. In the second block Business card, add your personal information:

  • your job title,
  • your company name,
  • a description: your career summary or your hobbies,
  • external links to your professional social media.

4. You can choose to display your information to other participants by checking the box at the bottom of the form.

5. Click on Save to validate.

> Complete my business card <

Display the business card

1. In your virtual room, move your mouse over a participant’s bubble and click on the business card icon.

2. The business card is displayed  at the top right hand corner on your screen with information the participant chose to show.

3. Click on LinkedIn/Twitter logos to check their social media account and send a connection request.

Monthly non-binding subscription

Human is our core business and we care about offering you a customized service to match your needs. This is why we have launched a brand new offer: the monthly non-binding subscription. From today, unlock your individual license Virtual classroom Pro or Online meeting Pro in few clicks for the time you need.

  • Virtual classrooms for € 59.90/month* / individual license
  • Online meetings for € 11.90/month* / individual license

Included: your learning resources (user guides, tutorial videos…) 

*non-binding plan, you can unsubscribe when you want

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Note: You have to create an account before subscribing an individual offer

Upcoming features

The Glowbl team works constantly to improve your virtual rooms and offer an efficient, interactive and friendly experience. Discover the features to come in a few weeks.

Private chat: Have access to one-to-one discussions.

Poll: Ask questions in live to an audience.

Our latest updates: Collaborative notes and step-by-step tutorial

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