Sign in to Glowbl in just one click with your Google or Microsoft account

The Glowbl Features Update is back! The Glowbl team is back from the summer break well rested, but we also worked hard to bring you an updated version of the platform full of surprises. From now on you can sign in with your Google and Microsoft accounts, add events to your Google and Microsoft calendars, locate yourself in your space… Here’s what’s new!

Sign in with your Google or Microsoft account

Sign in or sign up to your Glowbl account with your Google or Microsoft account. No need to fill a sign-up form, your login process is fast and integrated into your online work environment.  

How does it work?

On the Glowbl website, select “Sign in with Google” or “Sign in with Microsoft”. 

Add Glowbl events to your Google or Microsoft calendar

Send agenda invitations with an integrated Glowbl access link, directly from your spaces.

How does it work?

From your Glowbl space, click on the “Invite participants” icon (located in the top bar, right next to your space’s name) then, go to “Add event to your calendar” and select the preferred service.

An improved way of locating yourself in your space

Do your guests sometimes find it hard to locate themselves in your space? From now on, when they sign in to Glowbl, they visualise every table in the space, before focusing on their bubble. 

You can also see all the tables at once when you zoom all the way out, and click on “Focus on my bubble” to go back to your table.

Switch off a participant’s microphone

Are you bothered by a participant’s environment that you find too noisy? Now, you can mute a participant if they forgot to turn off their microphone. 

How does it work ?

Move your mouse over the bubble and click on “Mute”.

You can also go to the “Participants” tab, select the participant and click on their microphone icon.

nb: The Presenter only has access to this feature.

Improvements for an experience always closer to real life

Workplace and project management

Update your status
In your Glowbl open space as in real life, your colleagues instantly see if you are available or busy.

Notification sound
You are notified every time someone enters your workspace.

Events and seminars

Add sound when screen sharing (only available on Chrome).

The text inside the public announcement popin is now clickable. You can now instantly share a link to everyone in the space.

Updates to come

Mobile app: Join the Glowbl virtual spaces directly from your smartphone or digital tablet. 

Vimeo integration: Share your favourite Vimeo videos directly to your tables.