Host a World Café online: create virtual creative workshops with Glowbl 

Would you like to introduce creative workshops into your company? Find out how the World Café, adapted online with the Glowbl platform, can be the ideal solution for encouraging collective intelligence.

What is World Café?

World Café is an educational game based on collective intelligence, recreating the convivial atmosphere of a café for small-group discussions and debates around specific tables.

  • Table organisation: Each table deals with a specific issue, led by a moderator. Groups of 4 to 5 people discuss for 20 to 30 minutes, writing down their ideas on visible supports.
  • Group rotation: Participants change tables, facilitating connections and stimulating reflection. The World Café is an educational game based on collective intelligence, designed to recreate the convivial atmosphere of a café where exchanges and debates take place in small groups spread around different tables.

Why choose an online World Café with Glowbl?

The World Café offers tangible benefits, and the Glowbl platform makes it even more accessible and effective:

  • Everyone has the opportunity to express themselves, with communication often flowing more smoothly in small groups that encourage a sense of belonging and speaking time.
  • The volume and diversity of ideas generated, as well as the sharing of knowledge, are greater by multiplying the groups, having them follow one another and react one after the other.

It would be a shame not to exploit these advantages! With the right solution, like Glowbl, you can easily run a remote World Café. Glowbl’s virtual classrooms lend themselves perfectly to this creative workshop format.

How to host a remote World Café with Glowbl?

Set up as quickly as in a classroom:

Glowbl virtual classrooms can be set up quickly and intuitively. The facilitator can customise the environment beforehand, guaranteeing a start-up equivalent to a face-to-face experience.

Engage participants:

Glowbl’s Sequence feature provides a timed structure, keeping participants engaged. Public announcements convey clear instructions, encouraging rapid understanding and active participation.

Easy group management, an intuitive and user-friendly moderation solution:

Glowbl’s unique virtual space, with its main table and sub-tables, makes it easy to manage groups. Tables can be customised beforehand to ensure quick identification, and the free movement function between tables guarantees a smooth experience. Table-specific content and exclusive video exchanges ensure clear, orderly management.


With Glowbl, running an online World Café is as immersive an experience as running a face-to-face one. The platform offers practical solutions to overcome the challenges of distance, creating a virtual environment that is intuitive, engaging and conducive to collaborative exchanges as rich as in the real world.

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