Remote work: take it to the next level with content annotation and and Miro integration

Glowbl is upgrading collaboration in your virtual spaces! Annotate uploaded contents as a group directly on your tables and work together on your favorite co-creation tools. No need to switch from one tab to another anymore, all your favorite tools are gathered on Glowbl.

Documents annotation

Highlight elements on displayed documents just by underlining, striking through or circling, add comments or draw something. You can now review contents together and visualise your coworkers’ notes.

How does it work?

1. Upload your document on your table and click on the three little dots in the bottom right hand corner of the table. Then select Show annotation toolbar.

Nb: Click on Focus on content to feel more comfortable.

2. The Annotation toolbar is now displayed in the table top banner with following options:

  • Highlight
  • Underline
  • Strikeout
  • Squiggly
  • Free text
  • Rectangle
  • Free hand
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Eraser

Pick your feature and use it on the content.

Nb: Annotations are available for all Glowbl supported documents (pdf, ppt, png, jpeg…), however you can’t use text features on pictures.

3. Download Original version or Annotated version by clicking on the three little dots on the bottom right hand corner of the table. and Miro integration

Are you a fan of collective intelligence tools such as or Miro? You can now use them on our tables! 

How does it work?

1. Open your or Miro file in a tab and copy the URL link.

2. Go to your Glowbl space, click on “+” in the top left hand corner of the table and select or Miro.

3. Paste the link in the field and click on Start.

4. Your board is displayed on your table. Click on Focus on content to feel more comfortable and start using it!

Public announcement update

For a better understanding, we moved the Public announcement feature to another place. It’s now with other Facilitation tools (Poll and Rights) in the Briefcase icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Mood emojis update

Did you notice it? Your emojis came alive!

Upcoming features updates

Mobile application: Join virtual spaces directly from your smartphone or your tablet.