Virtual agency : use video to strengthen and streamline your exchanges with your contacts

Virtual agency: why use video with your customers?

Many companies are choosing to develop their customer relationships online using a virtual agency. There is no shortage of arguments in favour of using video for customer relationship management – more immediate and economical than meeting face to face, more flexible and personal than email… Here we focus on the advantages of video conferencing for communicating with your colleagues.

Customer relations: using video to get closer to your contacts

Using a video platform to manage your customer relationships wipes out the distance between you with a few mouse clicks. Instead of travelling left, right and centre, which costs both time and money, more and more companies are choosing to set up virtual agencies, i.e. online interfaces where they can communicate with their contacts immediately with no need to travel. A significant benefit for relationships with customers who need regular contact.

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Video for smoother communication

For a quick exchange with a customer, email is a common solution. This is a convenient method, but its limits quickly become apparent – awkward flow, delay, risk of losing information when exchanges drag on, lack of the personal touch… With video, just signing up with the platform allows you to begin a video conversation whenever you want. You can talk live, respond immediately to your contact’s requests and requirements, share data and documents using the many tools available and comment on them as if you were in the same room.

Video for developing your customer base abroad

Depending on your area of activity, you might be thinking of expanding your international customer base. This is an ambitious project that requires a relationship based on trust with your potential customers, but unfortunately you will not always be able to go and meet them in person. In this context, managing your customer relations using video becomes vital for making first contact or keeping on top of a project. Video conferencing also “humanises” relationships based mostly on digital technology.

Video in customer relations as a proof of commitment Video conferencing has a warmer, more human dimension than an exchange via email, telephone or online chat. Above all, it reflects a desire to engage fully in your customer relations using a more personalised means of interaction. Video creates a bond with your contacts, as well as revealing their expressions and tone of voice, which are vital for the best communication. An added value for your customers, which can transform into a basis for trust and loyalty over time.

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