The virtual office: your workplace outside the office


Why is the notion of a workplace so important?


Working from home is now an integral part of a company’s organisation. However, the “hybrid” mode – a mixture of working from home and going into the office – seems to be the preferred solution for many companies, demonstrating the importance of maintaining a common working environment. But why is this notion of a workplace so important?


Maintaining the spontaneity of informal dialogue

Seeing your colleagues “in real life” and having a conversation in person are just two examples of what we miss when we are obliged to work from home. And yet, maintaining informal and spontaneous dialogue is vital to ensure employee commitment and well-being. The workplace is therefore key to seeing, listening and interacting in real time.

It is indeed easier to spot a drop in motivation, a bout of tiredness, or any other sign that is hard to detect when working remotely. In the same way, informal discussions re-establish oral communication, thereby preventing potential misunderstandings or overinterpretation.

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Creating a sense of belonging

The workplace is also a source of familiarity for employees. It is a shared space in which everyone can meet up with colleagues and spend their working day together. Most importantly, offices “embody” the company and create a sense of belonging among employees, for whom the workplace becomes a familiar environment.

A shared work space is actually a common identity, which is why companies customise their premises and head offices.

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Enhancing the employee experience

The employee experience, a key factor in performance and progress, is based above all else on good dialogue and communication in the work setting. Providing a pleasant work space and being aware of what employees need and what makes them happy are just some of the vital elements of this key concept of “employee experience”. As people are the focus of this concept, the workplace plays a major role. For example, it helps to enhance the onboarding phase for new recruits by offering a pleasant space in which to welcome them and introduce them to the different teams.

In the current context of digital transformation and widespread remote working, the employee experience is becoming increasingly digital thanks to virtual office tools like Glowbl Workplace.

This solution offers all the benefits of the workplace, even remotely, by “extending” the company’s physical space. In other words, it is a virtual workplace that is a close replica of the “real” office, with break rooms, open spaces, individual offices, etc. For example, you can wander around to say hello to your colleagues, if they are free, have a conversation with them, or even take a “digital coffee break” together. It is the perfect way to maintain ties in a shared work setting, creating a real sense of belonging and enhancing the employee experience. All this, outside the office!