Know all about PROJECT MODE


What does working in project mode involve?


Project mode organisation is all the rage! It is a work method that is gaining popularity in both small startups and large groups. What are the keys to successful project mode organisation? Communication and cooperation. There are now many agile project management tools available to enhance team interaction. Here we take a look at these new ways of working together.

Project mode: collaboration above all else

Working in project mode is mainly all about collaborating with colleagues who do not necessarily belong to the same team or even department, and contributing to a joint project. The principal aim is to bring together people with different types of expertise to work towards a common goal. That is why cooperation, communication, and empowerment are the keys to success. Project-mode organisation is both multi- and cross-disciplinary, and optimises the complementarity of each individual’s skills and visions.

The project manager is the key “link” in a project mode organisation

The project manager’s role is to manage the project mode team. They allocate tasks, coordinate the different participants and oversee the project. They are like a conductor, directing their project team. They provide a link between project participants, bring them together and create team cohesion.

Working in project mode combines a simultaneous and asynchronous approach.

Each project team member works individually on certain specific points while interacting regularly with their colleagues, particularly to share findings and boost co-creation. Participants work collaboratively and individually in parallel, requiring highly agile project management.

Glowbl for team enablement

Gather your teams in a customised and permanent virtual space, where they feel at home. Work together on the main table or on your own with subtables. Move freely around the space, form one group to another.


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Agile management tools designed for work in project mode

Agile management in project mode organisation requires collaborative tools to boost dialogue and enhance interaction. It is vital, for example, that each team member has access in real time to all the work produced as the project progresses. In the same way, every participant must be able to consult available resources and comment on what has been done, by posting comments, for example.

Collaborative tools like Miro (virtual whiteboard), Mural (creative online workshops) and (collaborative visual documents) are valuable allies in agile project management, both in remote and face-to-face mode. Glowbl Workplace goes one step further by offering virtual office space perfectly suited to collaborative work in project mode, saving co-created content and collaborative resources like Miro without the need to switch between tabs.