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Design your Glowbl sessions by managing participant permissions in real time

This month, we are unveiling product evolutions that were highly expected. You can now manage participant rights in real time, use a whiteboard and the Google Drive integration.

Managing participant permissions at different degrees in real time

You can decide if participants can handle content or turn on webcam and microphone. From now on, participants who join your space can turn on webcam and microphone. But don’t worry, it’s just a question of settings. You can modify your preferences and save them for the next session, in each space.

How does it work?

1. Click on the Briefcase icon (Facilitation tools on the table), then on Rights on the top and open Manage rights on the table.

2. You now have the possibility to select the package of rights that suits you:

  1. Allow participants to manage content and share their video and audio (upload, handle, delete a document, use pointer, turn on webcam and microphone)
  2. Allow participants to share their video and audio (turn on webcam and microphone, and use pointer)
  3. Enable “Raise hand” to ask for sharing video and microphone

3. You can choose to apply the settings on the current table you are on, or to all tables in the room. You still can modify them in real time.


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Let your imagination run free with our new collaborative tool, the whiteboard. Just like in real life, you can write, draw, add shapes, import pictures, all by yourself or as a group with other participants. It is perfect for creative workshops or pedagogical games!

How does it work?

1. To create a new whiteboard, click on the + button Project new content, then select Whiteboard.

2.Give your whiteboard a name, then Validate and create.

3. Contribute to the whiteboard with the associated tools.

4. To share your whiteboard on other tables or spaces, download it as a PDF by clicking on the three little dots at the bottom right hand corner of the table, then Download the file.

Google Drive integration

*Feature only available for the Digital Twin offers.

Share and collaborate on your Google Drive files (Docs, Sheets, Slides) integrated into Glowbl tables.

How does it work?

1. To upload your file, click on the + button Project new content at the top left hand corner of your table, then select Google File.

2. Open your Google Drive in another tab to go through your documents or just click on the access links (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides).

3. Copy and paste the file URL in the Google File window on your Glowbl table, then click on Start.

4. You can work on the document just like you would in your own browser. For more comfort, go to the icon Focus on content.

Note: make sure you gave participants access to your document and that they have a Google account.

Upcoming features updates

Emojis and reactions

You will be able to share your mood and reactions through emojis appearing in your bubble. We are about to launch a survey on LinkedIn to ask you about our future emojis’ design. We hope to get your feedback, stay tuned!