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Glowbl joins “Scale Up Excellence” programme of excellence supported by French Tech

Glowbl has the honour of joining the new Scale Up Excellence programme, which aims to identify and support young innovative companies as they grow quickly and successfully in the French Tech regions: French Tech Lille, French Tech Méditerranée, French Tech One Lyon St-Étienne and French Tech Toulouse.

A driver of growth

The programme will enable the company to gain strong visibility and build its business opportunities with a view to entering international markets and the public domain.
Every company plays its part in this joint programme by bringing its own experience in various fields such as tech, recruitment, and business development in national or export markets.
For more information on the programme and its members, click here.

Recognition for Glowbl

By joining this programme, Glowbl confirms its ambition and the strength of its unique, patented and mature product.

“I am extremely proud to represent the Glowbl team in this group of companies working tirelessly to fly the flag of the French digital sector, both here in France and abroad. Digital sovereignty must not be limited to a hashtag.”

Sophie Lazard, CEO of Glowbl