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Website: Glowbl gets a makeover

People first, people again, people always

Glowbl’s new website announces loud and clear its people-focused vision. Technology is there to help us (not the other way around) recreate social experience. Our interface reproduces real-life codes and that is what we are featuring on our new website.

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Virtual classroom solutions available for instant purchase

Glowbl is the only solution in Europe specialising in virtual classrooms that imitate the experience of a real-life classroom to ensure maximum engagement from your students. Virtual classrooms can also be used for online meetings, work groups, business seminars, webinars and digital networking events.

Glowbl’s SaaS platform is totally GDPR compliant and does not require you to install software or plug-ins. Any teacher or training officer can sign up to our Pro solution in a matter of clicks.

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A collaborative approach to this technical, ergonomic and editorial project

To ensure our new website met all our design criteria, we worked with the Grenoble-based digital agency Mezcalito, which specialises in web interface design. Mezcalito managed the whole project and oversaw the site’s technical development. Templates were custom designed to integrate all our substantial and scalable content.

For Glowbl, which has created a very strong and unique brand image, it made sense for us to come up with our own creative ideas, design concepts and ergonomics, even though it is uncommon practice. We also worked on the click paths, tree structure and editorial content.The SEO agency WAM manages our referencing and migration from the old website.