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Getting together virtually to communicate effectively.

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Webinars et séminaires d'entreprise sur Glowbl


Give a new dimension to business events and corporate seminars



Bringing your employees together and creating webinar conditions that mirror real-life events

Precise forward planning

This is your opportunity to promote your image and stand out. The room is ready: now it needs decorating, participants’ microphones need testing, workshops must be prepared, and the videos and presentations set up ready for screening.

Participants’ arrival at the event

Participants arrive one by one. As they come through the door, bubbles appear and gradually fill the space.

Discussion, dialogue, response

By simply raising a hand, any participant can use their microphone to ask a question. The person who responds takes the stage in front of everyone and uses prepared material to answer the question. The others share their questions by writing a message via the public chat.

Activities to bring teams together

Stimulate dialogue between participants by organising networking sessions to bring individuals together in small groups where they can exchange business cards and reflect on common themes.


Interact just like in a real-life conference room

Networking and connecting

Brought together in a customised environment, employees feel comfortable and are encouraged to go and meet other participants, who are easily identifiable by their photo, which is also their avatar. One simple click and you can see everyone’s business card to find out more about them, see their social media and send an invite to connect.

Alternating between lecture-style and collaborative formats

To help you get the most out of constructive dialogue and knowledge transfer, Glowbl’s conference rooms can switch from a top-down mode to an entirely interactive approach for team building or group work, so that your participants acquire skills and stimulate their creativity. A range of tools – whiteboard, collaborative notes, on-the-fly screen-sharing, etc. – enhance communication and action between participants.

Everything happens in one room. Nobody is left out.

Monitoring group dynamics

Everything happens in one room. So, the entire group and everyone’s actions can be seen at all times. Bubbles move around so participants can talk amongst themselves, separate off to join sub-groups, grey out when attention wanders…

To give instructions, the facilitator sends inter-table announcements. Everyone receives the same information and instructions.


Turning sessions into a game

Glowbl’s innovation allows for free movement of bubbles, customisable tables and other tools like the survey, creating a unique and convivial experience. Games, or gamification, bring the focus back to the human element of your company.

Set up a Q&A session, think up round-robin speed meetings, design an escape game using the sub-table tool… Anything is possible.


Glowbl is committed

  • Direct access

    No need to install a software or plugin. Joining is easy from a link on which you have the control (access for all or limited to a list of identifies emails)

  • Full customisation

    Glowbl enables to customise graphically your rooms or integrate them into your training tools (LMS…) for a better learner experience

  • Securite-et-confidentialite-des-donnees


    Glowbl is committed to provide virtual spaces that comply with GDPR regulations and respect privacy. Exchanges are encrypted.


In what circumstances should you choose Glowbl?

  • Sous-groupe en séminaire
  • Conférence entreprise
  • Evénement de networking


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