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Webinars et séminaires d'entreprise sur Glowbl

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Bringing your employees together with real life conditions

Seminars and conventions

For your corporate internal events, get your employees out of their professional environment. Let’s plan team building activities, networking, conferences and workshops to stimulate their sense of belonging and support major decisions.

Recruitment forums

Forum are the perfect occasion to spread your innovative employer brand, attract new talents and meet with valuable candidates.

Use the tables to design a candidate journey: the central table can be used to welcome people and present your company when the other tables can be used to organise interviews, tests, case studies etc.

Digital events

Awards ceremonies, networking events, virtual showrooms… You can imagine everything to stand out.

“Glowbl’s gaming functions help make our events more interactive!”

Pascal Gayat

Creator and organiser

Les Cas d’OR du Digital


Glowbl is committed

  • Direct access

    No need to install a software or plugin. Joining is easy from a link on which you have the control

  • Full customisation

    Glowbl enables to customise your spaces according to your brand or a unique graphic creation

  • Securite-et-confidentialite-des-donnees


    Exchanges are encrypted and data are stored in datacenters based in Europe, complying with GDPR regulations.

Customer success

For all your events, our teams is here to help you design your session.

We train your team and give the right tips for each stage of your event.

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