Use cases

Hosting a recruitment forum

Receive your applicants in a branded place where they can freely move around. Customise your spaces to create various workshops and give your partners their own stands.

Setting up a recruitment forum


Customising the space

Design the space with your company’s or event’s colors and graphic charter: logo, title of the space and background image or colour.


Main table

Use the main table as a welcome desk for your visitors. Upload an image or a pdf document to display the map and/or the agenda of your event.



Customise your sub-tables in order for your visitors to locate themselves around the space. According to your needs, customise the colours and textures, replace the name and description of each table by the title of the workshops or the names of the speakers.



Define your activities so you can upload the relevant content on each table, for example:





  • 1-to-1 interviews > resume or camera projection
  • Table for offers > job offers for the candidates
  • Table for resumes > resumes for the recruiters
  • Lectures > presentation support
  • Exercises, language or level tests > collaborative note, Google doc, Miro,, white board…
  • Corporate > videos or presentations describing the welcoming process and steps in the company for new comers


Rights an roles

If they are not the owner of the space, add the “administrator” role to the main facilitator. They then can take action themselves on the customisation of the space, the tables, the management of roles, rights and content.

To make the facilitation easier on sub-tables, add the facilitator role to all speakers. This allows them to speak and manage the table’s content as much as they want.

As for the participants, you can grant them middle-level-rights, allowing them to turn on their camera and
microphone and upload content.

Facilitating  an online forum


Welcoming the participants

On the main table, upload a single content or several ones (map of the virtual space, program of the forum, tutorial video…) that will help the participants locate themselves in the space, and move from one sub-table to another. A host can also welcome the visitors and “walk” them through the space.



The main facilitators are in charge of the tables: they manage the content dropped on it, whether they authorized the download or not, and they also can delete it.




If you are hosting a forum for several companies, you can arrange it in two times:

  • a common space where each company has their own sub table on which they welcome the candidates;
  • a second space, proper to each company, in which they can invite the candidates showing an interest and then benefit from a more private/confidential space.

nb: If your event is held over several days, with various participants, you can “tidy it up” from one day to the next by deleting and/or rearranging the content on the tables, and/or updating them.